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Corsair Aylin Sajark
Steel Cross
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Warden Aurora "Aura" Ta'var
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The time has come for me to brag about one of my favorite minions and artists, Zehsaa Hysh. She has not only been very active this last month but her work on projects as Magistrate to the Herald in addition to what she does for House Excidium is quite amazing. Recently, Zehsaa has written 2,983 words of fiction, 1675 run on words, passed two Shadow Academy courses, and completed 13 competitions. Most impressively, 11 of those competitions were for the big clan event ‘Midnight’, where she not only placed sixth overall, but did well enough to place in many of them individually: earning 5th in the run on, 1st in the battleplan, 1st in graphics, sixth in Trivia, and 3rd in the Flash games. During that absolute tear, she acquired 5 Crescents with Amethyst Star, 1 Crescent with Emerald Star, 1 Crescent with Topaz Star, 9 Clusters of Ice, and 2 Legions of Scholar. These numbers make me exceedingly proud and I am particularly impressed at the wide spread of activities she was able to complete, which helped fuel House Excidium’s great performance overall and ensure ample representation on the leaderboard.

Zehsaa has done a wonderful job supporting not only House Excidium in its blaze to glory in the Clan events, but also helped out the Herald herself. Due to her activity for her House, along with the Herald' recommendation below, I am proud to recommend that she be awarded a Steel Cross. Thank you so very much and Congratz!

Warden Aurora "Aura" Ta'var, 2017-01-13 23:32:26 UTC
Additional reasons

Zehsaa is a breath of fresh air in Scholae Palatinae. A phenomenal artist, her skills are well documented by both the herald office and by her growing collection of high level crescents. What is less documented however, is the morale boost Z brings to the clan and the brotherhood through the spreading of her hilarious drawings of jokes made in chat. Just as much of Z's art is created purely for the enjoyment of her clan mates as it is made in an official capacity. To me, that attitude and willingness to give up her time to provide enjoyment for others is what makes her who she is, and so important to the clan.

For her invaluable, unique contribution to life in Scholae Palatinae, and bringing morale boosts beyond what we as leaders can provide through words, emails and reports, I'm happy to recommend this award for Z, and thank her for all she's done for us.

Elincia Rei


General Zentru'la, 2017-01-13 22:54:33 UTC

It’s been nearly seven months since Zehsaa’s appointment to Magistrate to the Herald and I have to say I’m very proud of her performance so far. Despite her lack of the most common programs we use (Photoshop being the primary) she has managed to adapt to every challenge I put before her and create her own unique style doing so. Since July, Zehsaa has completed a total of 7 custom lightsabers and 2 custom robes made specifically for our members. She has participated in three bi-monthly releases, with 4 robes and 1 weapon, totaling 65 images in those releases made for the wider Club. She has also been very active in the DB Art club and the DB deviantart pages, creating a nearly continuous stream of sketches and drawings for other members. Of note are her contributions to the Christmas celebrations with two Christmas cards with various DB characters — 24 in total. In conclusion, I believe Zehsaa is a very valuable addition to my staff and a hard worker who cares about the community. Congratulations, and thank your for your work thus far.

  • Vyr (Morgan)
  • Herald of the Brotherhood

Master V'yr Vorsa, 2017-01-13 05:34:03 UTC