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Prophet Howlader Taldrya
Emerald Dagger
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Moff Zanet Xox
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We all know Howlader. He has been a mainstay in the Master at Arms office for years now, to the point of becoming furniture even as MAAs come and go. His knowledge of MAA policy and procedure is absolute, largely because he has been involved in crafting most of our rules and working with the MAA and James to implement most of our admin tools. He has served as Special Magistrate and, for most of his time, Praetor. This award specifically is for his service to the Brotherhood and me since his promotion in September 2015, but I will list out some numbers that cover his entire run during my term as MAA as those are what I have available:

  • Competitions Processed: 1938
  • Awards Processed: 2272
  • Promotions Processed: 264
  • Misc Requests Processed: 823

Do forgive the appearance of double dipping, but I know there is no member who questions the loyalty and efficiency of Howie (also cut these numbers in half to see his recent activity). His numbers are, put simply, higher than everyone else including the MAA! In day to day operations, he is a monster seemingly up at all hours to tackle requests as they come in. Our turnaround is tantamount to our success, and Howie leads by example to instill these same virtues in our magistrates.

Howie is one of the most vocal members of the office, providing positive and constructive criticism to nearly everyone who asks. For better or worse, some leaders may say, but while his still may be unique there is never of question of his experience and wisdom being accurate. Howie knows better than most, even I, how standards and values have changed over the years, so threads the ever delicate balance between maintaining them while also shifting with the winds.

His proclivity for discussion extends to internal conversations over larger rewards as well as grander plans. Howie was one of the biggest skeptics toward the idea of an experience based promotion system, yet he dived into the debates and continues to be willing to see what comes off the proposal. Having worked closely with Howie over the past two and a half years, I respect and admire him as an individual firm on his principles yet open to new ideas and being shown a better way.

Howie excels in all regards. I would be neither a good or successful MAA without him and doubt I would have lasted as long in the role. I am honored to be able to continue what I am turning into a tradition and bestow upon him his second “MAA-here’s-your-cookie” Emerald Dagger. Thank you, Howie, for all of it.

Moff Zanet Xox, 2017-01-16 04:59:19 UTC
Additional reasons

We all know the hard work Howlader does for the Mater of Arms, and the countless times he gives us all advice and assistance with promotions and medals. But Howlader showed how much he cares for the Brotherhoo and Taldryan when he stepped outside his comfort zone, and took up leadership almost a year and a half ago, first as Proconsul, and then as Consul. Howlader served as PCON for 8 months and CON for 6 more months, and in that period, he provided needed stability and leadershp for a unit transitioning to a newer generation of leaders.

Howlader has never liked the spotlight, and preferred to avoid unit leadership, despite many active years in the Brotherhood. But Taldryan needed him, and he did what he could to help. When it was his turn, he reluctantly took over the unit as Consul, and although our plan for his successor ultimately fell apart when Zoron left, he was a steady hand an an active guide for Taldryan. Even since his time as Consul, Howlader remains a valuable advisor to the new summit and a constant whirlwind of activity. While Consul, Taldryan remained steadily in the middle of our units, typically in the top half of either unique participants or the number of participants per competition. While not our strongest unit, Taldryan was kept steady by Howlader's constant and active presence, and he was instrumental in carrying the unit until such time as its new generation of leaders had a bit of experience under their belt and could effectively assume leadership.

Howlader's leadership style always involved setting an example and running with it, as he takes the mantra of "do all the things" quite seriously: he has participated in nearly 200 competitions since Feb. 2016, I dare say nearly every competition run in his Clan that he was not an organizer for! In those competitions, he heas earned more than 45 Crescents. Speaking of organizing, back when he was on the Summit, Howlader also organized more than twenty competitions and kept his unit informed with regular emails and monthly reports. Howlader's general activity outside of competitions is also strong, with some 40 gaming events netting him more than 100 Clusters since his last general merit award.

Overall, Howlader is among our most active members, and his contributions to Taldryan have been immense. As a guiding hand, he was instrumental to transitioning the leadership. As a general member, he has been nothing short of exceptional. For these reasons, as well as those that Aabs as highlighted, Howlader more than deserves this Emerald Dagger!

Grand Master Telaris "Mav" Cantor, 2017-01-16 04:58:30 UTC