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Battlemaster Ryuu Suoh
Steel Cross
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Augur Edgar Drachen
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Chris Winchester or as he is more affectionately know as Nero had been the BTL of the Knight of Allusis for the last 2 months and during that time he serves the house and the members of the team admirably by posting 2 reports and running competitions for the whole clan to enjoy.

He has been a whirlwind of activity as well since his last recognition Nero has passed 1 SA Course, Organized 9 competitions and participated in another 54 competitions. With those competitions he was able to earn 1 Crescent with a Diamond Star, 1 Ruby Star, 2 Amethyst Star, 2 Sapphire Star, 6 Emerald Stars, 4 pendants of Blood, 697 Clusters of Fire, 19 Clusters of Earth and 4 Clusters of Graphite.

Most of the above numbers come from Nero out performing the entire clan and winning the clan's annual Life Day gaming event by going 14 out of 19 events. He also placed or won 5 different events as well.

Overall Nero is a great member and a even better leader he has the drive to become a major leader in the club if he puts his mind to it. Nero has been a constant voice in summit chant and a great confidant as well. When he sets his mind to a goal he goes above and beyond to get things done. He is a solid performer and creator of content it's an honor to have had him on my summit!

Nero it's been a honor working with you and i am honored to be able to award you, your 2nd Steel Cross of your stellar career!

Seer Edgar Drachen, Quaestor of House Hoth

Augur Edgar Drachen, 2017-01-21 23:00:43 UTC
Additional reasons

Nero is a rare font of seemingly endless enthusiasm for all the club has to offer and its members. He took up the mantle of leadership when called and lead the charge as evidenced by his victory in the Life Day Games. While this particular term of leadership was cut short by real life circumstances he made the right decision for the right reasons which more than anything shows the character necessarily to be a successful leader in this club. He has been an asset to the Odan-Urr community and I am grateful every day that we have members like him. I look forward to his return to leadership.

Turel Sorenn
Consul, Clan Odan-Urr

Warden Turel Sorenn, 2017-01-21 16:42:46 UTC

Nero is one of the younger class of members. One whos ideas and over-exuberance scrapes and grinds at those of us who are old and crusty. That is not a bad thing though. This causes people to get up and do things, if only to get them to stop with their annoyance. However it doesnt stop, it makes a member start being active and just creates a chain reaction which causes others to be active. Much like a snowball causing an avalanche. With his attitude he causes members of all classes to be active, and he leads from the front with this himself.

I cannot count the times I have entered Teamspeak with him in there discussing ideas with another DJBer, nor can I count the times he has helped others in gaming by just giving them another person to game with. These things are all the hallmark of great leaders. One that gets those who are inactive to be active, and helps others, regardless of their Clan/House affiliations with tasks and competitions.

I know it isnt much that pretty pixels, but please accept this Steel Cross as my thanks for all you have done in the past weeks as Knight-Commander, and a member of Odan-Urr.

Augur Takota Okami, 2017-01-19 21:29:16 UTC