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Adept Rajhin Cindertail
Sapphire Blade
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Grand Master Declan Roark
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Vanguard Turel Sorenn is one of the best members and leaders within the Dark Brotherhood. His activity is second to none and his achievements on the Odan Urr leadership team have been outstanding. Beyond the statistics of organizing of organizing 29 competitions, co-organizing 4 competitions, running a Clan Feud, and participating in over 96 competitions; Turel has created an environment within COU that has fostered friendship and a desire to improve the Dark Brotherhood. The truly successful leadership teams in the DJB unite their members and build a sense of community/family that drives our club towards the future and keeps our members returning. The secret to the DJB's success is not bringing members back to earn crescents, but rather bringing members back to hang out with their friends. Turel has fostered this within his Clan and it has been a pleasure to watch COU grow from the little house that could to one of our powerhouse Clans.

It is a true oversight on my part that Turel has yet to earn a Sacramental award in his career and I am honored to finally be the one to ensure he has received his first.

Congrats on your SB!

Grand Master Declan Roark, 2017-01-24 16:30:33 UTC