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Augur Alaris Jinn
Anteian Cross
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Master Thane "Atra" Skotos
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When looking to award Judges in the Antei Combat Center, it is difficult to truly quantify the effort it takes except for those who have been there. It isn't just the number of judgements or the qualification exams the Judge has handled. No, it is far more. It is a daily commitment where each member is expected to not only participate but to initiate discussion and remain actively involved for the best feedback possible. It is a job pure and simple, and Alaris has done it with ease.

Alaris Jinn isn't one to shy away from making his opinions heard, and that is an understatement to those who have come to know him. Active in discussion and often affording a perspective that could be as contrary as it is complimentary to the others. That isn't enough, though. Since his last recognition, Alaris has performed 6 battle judgements and graded 1 qualification exam. Each judgement can take upwards of 3 hours of continuous attention, and can often involve even more for newer members that require more in-depth feedback. He has done this while juggling his new role in Clan Taldryan.

For his efforts, I recommend Alaris for an Anteian Cross and consider it well earned. Thank you for your work in helping the Antei Combat Center continue to thrive while providing the best feedback possible to our growing member base.

Combat Master of the Brotherhood

Master Thane "Atra" Skotos, 2017-01-26 21:13:19 UTC