Event Details

Mar 20, 2017
Event ID
Battlemaster Tahiri Thorn Morte Tarentae
Old Rank
Knight (Journeyman 4)
New Rank
Warrior (Equite 1)
Requested by
Warlord Scion Tarentae
Primary reason

Tahiri has been working incredibly hard since her last recognition about a month ago. She earned three crescents from 21 different competitions, 20 Clusters of Fire, 9 Clusters of Earth, and a Legion of the Scholar. She successfully mentored her apprentice T'Calla Kytana to Knighthood. She participated in 6 PvP matches.

Since her last promotion in August she has participated in an impressive 133 competitions earning some of every type of crescent, every kind of cluster, a Dark Cross and an Anteian Cross, among others. Despite not holding an official leadership position she has organized 10 competitions.

In addition to participation and awards, Tahiri is a constant presence on Telegram. She is always positive and friendly with her Clanmates and has become a talented and experienced role model in her Clan. We are delighted to have her and proud to recommend her elevation into the Equites.

Warlord Scion Tarentae, 2017-03-20 19:11:24 UTC
Additional reasons

Tahiri is one of Tarentum's best! She is a passionate about Tarentum and we love her for that. Although she isn't in an official leadership position, through her skills in organizing competitions and helping people out she has become a strong cog that allows Tarentum to work flawlessly. I think her work goes beyond the rank of Knight and I think it's time for her to ascend into the Equites ranks where I know she will shine even more. Congratulations, Tahiri!

Reaver Frosty Romanae Tarentae, 2017-03-20 14:27:16 UTC

It has barely been a month since Tahiri Drakon Night-Thorn was last acknowledged. In that time she has participated in 21 different competitions and through those competitions earned a Crescent with a Sapphire Star, 2 Crescents with Topaz Stars, 20 Clusters of Fire, 9 Clusters of Earth and a Legion of the Scholar. Not to mention her recent Scroll of Indoctrination for her work mentoring T’Calla Kytana. But competitions aren’t the only place that Tahiri shines. She is an active gamer having participated in 6 PvP matches in the last month alone. Oh and she’s a constant presence on both the main site posting comments, but is always there on telegram to offer her thoughts and encouragement.

For her outstanding activity and overall work I am proud to recommend the promotion of Knight Tahiri Drakon Night-Thorn. Well done my apprentice.

Battlemaster Wrathus, 2017-03-20 03:07:18 UTC