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Savant Aul Celsus
Old Rank
Mystic (Equite 1)
New Rank
Savant (Equite 2)
Requested by
Battlelord Evelynn Wyrm
Primary reason

While Lilith will be writing the primary recommendation, I feel like I need to write something about this amazing person. Aul is a boss. I’m proud to say he’s one of the most capable members of Clan Naga Sadow. Even though he is going through a terrible phase at work, he has still been able to participate in Clan happenings. When he does, he makes sure to do it properly. His placement/participation ratio is incredible, and I am extremely happy to have a member like this in House Shar Dakhan.

Since his last promotion, Aul has served his House for a total of four months; Two months as BTL of Devil's Shroud and two months as Aedile of HSD. During his time as Aedile, he was the main organizer of Project S.P.E.C.I.A.L., a series of competitions that kind of shaped our view of what competitions should look like. Project S.P.E.C.I.A.L. had 16 individual participants, which is an amazing accomplishment.

Another thing I'd like to point out is that he has not missed a single Clan event since joining the Brotherhood.

Congratulations on EQ2! Keep up the good work!

Quaestor of House Shar Dakhan,

Battlelord Evelynn Wyrm, 2017-03-25 10:26:49 UTC
Additional reasons

Mystic Aul Celsus has been in the Dark Jedi Brotherhood since February 6, 2016. His last promotion to Mystic was on August 11, 2016. Aul has proven to be very dedicated to the Brotherhood, participating in competitions and helping out on projects as well as holding two different Summit positions.

Aul is active in Telegram as much as his real life, at the moment, permits. He is always pleasant in his dealings with all.

Since Aul was last elevated in rank to Mystic, he applied for and was chosen to be the Devil’s Shroud Battleteam Leader and then later promoted to Aedile of House Shar Dakhan. Aul held each of these positions for two months before he was forced to step down due to real life interference. While holding these positions, he was always accessible to his team members and was a good leader for the house. When I was chosen to become the Battleteam leader in his place, he contacted me with an offer of help anytime I needed it, ensuring that the transition was smooth.

Since his last promotion, he has competed in forty-four competitions. His last competition award was on February 27th of this year, where he took third place in the Who’s That Sadowan #2 comp earning himself a Crescent with an Emerald Star. Aul has also organized ten competitions and co-organized six more. He has participated in two fiction competitions writing a total of 930 words. Since his last promotion Aul has earned a total of fourteen crescents, three ruby, three Amethyst, three Sapphire, and five Emerald.

Aul has also earned two Pendants of Blood, thirty Clusters of Fire, six Clusters of Ice, three Clusters of Earth, and three Clusters of Graphite. His last merit award happened on January 18th of 2017 earning himself a Steel Cross for his activity and overall service to the club. He has also passed one Shadow Academy course.

Since Aul joined the DJB a little over a year ago he has been such a wonderful asset to Clan Naga Sadow, House Shar Dakhan, and Devil’s Shroud Battleteam. I am honored to have been asked to write his recommendation for his promotion from Mystic to Savant.

Savant Lilith Alema’rha Versea-Stormwind Battleteam Leader, Devil’s Shroud

Savant Lilith Alema'rha Versea-Stormwind, 2017-03-23 21:58:44 UTC