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Event ID
Battlelord Taranae Rhode
Old Rank
Battlemaster (Equite 2)
New Rank
Battlelord (Equite 3)
Requested by
Master Selika Roh
Primary reason

Taranae Rhode has always been one of the most valuable members of Clan Plagueis, starting when she joined our ranks and continuing through the present day. She has been a consistently active member and leader within our Clan, stacking up competition entries and mentoring successes along the way with reckless abandon. There are very, very few who have been the sort of dynamos for Clan Plagueis that she has, especially in the time since her last elevation. Her consistent excellence is best exemplified by her performance in our recently completed The Enemy Below event where she completed all 24 events and finished 8th overall in the entire Clan, taking placements in 3 of those events.

As an individual competitor, Taranae is often second to none. Since her elevation to Battlemaster, Taranae has entered a staggering 142 competitions and has placed in an amazing 33 of them. Her placements have earned her the following crescents: 1 Diamond, 2 Ruby, 8 Amethyst, 12 Sapphire, 5 emerald, and 5 topaz. Always down for some gaming, she has reported 22 PvP matches and 35 PvE activities to earn herself 79 Clusters of Fire, 153 Clusters of Earth, and 3 Pendants of Blood. She has also completed 18 fiction activities (totalling 9,643 words) and 2 ACC battles on her way to securing 22 Clusters of Ice. Additionally, as one of Plagueis's constant forces in the realm of Graphics, she has already earned 9 of the new Clusters of Graphite.

Looking beyond her specific individual accomplishments, Taranae has acquitted herself very well as both a leader and mentor. In her role as a direct mentor, Taranae recruited Kyle to earn herself a Scroll of Indoctrination (overall her 8th!). Additionally, she helped guide Kul'tak Drol to the rank of Knight and brought home a Scroll of the Master. Kul'tak has gone on to become a solid rock of activity, due in no small part to Taranae's help. On the leadership front, Taranae has been an invaluable part of Clan Plagueis's summit. Her 5 months of service as House Ajunta Pall Aedile helped lead her House to a great finish during our Vendetta against Odan-Urr, and after that she moved on to Quaestor of House Karness Muur and for the following four months continued to build on the positive trajectory the unit was on. She filed all of her monthly reports on time and with gusto, with 11 news posts to her name. She also organized 13 competitions and co-organized an additional 13 more, including her annual Brotherood-wide Pazaak tournament. Finally, she was instrumental in helping set up The Circle, a new Battleteam for Plagueis that was focused on helping guide new members through their initial experience in the Brotherhood. Her prior service as Rollmaster made her more than qualified, and the month she spent there helped set the policies and procedures that our BTL's use currently.

All told, Taranae has earned a Grand Cross and Seal of Loyalty for her continued excellence and contributions to both Clan Plagueis and the Brotherhood. As a tribute to her long time service and consistent dedication, it gives me great pleasure to submit Taranae Rhode's name for advancement to the rank of Equite 3, a well deserved elevation!

Master Selika Roh, 2017-04-15 21:02:07 UTC