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Apr 19, 2017
Event ID
Seer Alara Deathbane
Old Rank
Mystic (Equite 1)
New Rank
Savant (Equite 2)
Requested by
Adept Braecen Kaeth
Primary reason

It is my immense pleasure to present Alara Deathbane for elevation to the rank of Equite II today. She had demonstrated an unnatural determination as both a member and a leader to improve our club: the member experience, the rich history & lore, the culture of House Excidium and Clan Scholae Palatinae. For these herculean efforts, I am honored to see her rise through the ranks.

Since her last elevation, Alara has participated in 62 competitions, (co)organized 21 competitions, submitted 1 PvP Match, logged 4 PvE Matches, finished 4 ACC Battles, penned 11 Fiction Activities (21411 words!), posted 2 run-on segments (1453 words!), passed 24 Shadow Academy courses, and earned 3 Dark Side Degrees. In addition, she has collected a myriad of awards: a Steel Cross, an Anteian Cross, 17 Crescents (2 Cr-D, 4 Cr-R, 2 Cr-A, 5 Cr-S, 3 Cr-E, 1 Cr-Q), 2 Pendants of Blood, 8 Clusters of Fire, 58 Clusters of Ice, 23 Clusters of Graphite, and 1 Legion of the Scholar.

She has also served dutifully as the Aedile of House Excidium for 2 months. There is no better student than Alara. She has been vital in restructuring how competitions are ran in Scholae Palatinae; ensuring that Battle Team, House, and Clan are on schedule, in abundance, and submitted prior to the month begins. She has assisted Tacitus Athanasius with their March & April execution (brainstorming, suggestions, tips, etc) of competitions, ran the House competitions (solo), and provided Clan-wide events (graphics, fiction, character development). She has come into her own as a producer of content for her people. Additionally, she has eagerly embraced leadership - providing unit reports, e-mail updates (as competitions close/open/near a deadline), submitting recommendations (or supporting recommendations), researching/proposal/implementation of ideas for the fictional direction/development of the House (Fiction Updates, new Battle Team planning, planned Wiki releases, etc). She has also been the glue holding our House together as we transition to new leadership - something that no amount of crescents, clusters, or medals can repay (nor does she expect any in return for being there for her House - nay - her family).

Alara, I am extremely blessed to have been paired with you as House Excidium’s QUA-AED, one-two punch, dastardly duo of destruction… you get the idea… you are my mentee and I could not be happier to see you succeed.

Braecen Kaeth
Quaestor of Excidium

Adept Braecen Kaeth, 2017-04-19 12:41:09 UTC
Additional reasons

We are very lucky and proud to have Alara in the ranks of Scholae Palatinae. She was clearly a future leader here as soon as she joined the club and it’s great to see that potential being realised with her joining the summit as an Aedile. The numbers are clear to see in the recommendations above, and Alara brings a community contribution second to none.

Congratulations Alara! We’re all looking forward to seeing your climb further up the ranks!

Proconsul of Scholae Palatinae

Augur Elincia Rei, 2017-04-19 12:41:06 UTC

When Alara first joined, many of us knew she had the potential to go far. Today I get to further confirm everyone’s original thoughts by her continued demonstration of living up to that potential. Both as a hard hitting member, and as a learning leader, Alara has shown tremendous growth, dedication, and class these last few months.

As a member its very easy to see how her efforts have tallied up. 62 total competitions participated in. Crescents earned of every level. A Steel Cross, An Anteian Cross, and a multitude of clusters and pendants. 4 ACC matches, 24 SA courses, 3 degrees. This consistent high quality work is exactly the kind of activity we love to see from our established members, and Alara is doing a brilliant job of showing everyone how to live that DJB life.

As a leader, Alara has shown a natural talent for it over the last 2 months as Aedile for Excidium. She is in constant contact with her members, helping them with the issues that arise, providing feedback, and making sure everyone always knows about the many many competitions being run. These include several of her own, having organized 15, and co-organized 6 since reaching EQ1.

All in all, Alara remains an awesome member, and I couldn’t be more thrilled about recommending her advancement on to EQ2. Congratulations Alara! Drinks are on you!

Xen’Mordin Palpatine
Consul of Scholae Palatinae

Adept Xen'Mordin Palpatine, 2017-04-19 12:40:22 UTC

No words can describe how proud I am to see my friend, my former Sergeant, and my present Aedile rise up to Equite 2. Alara Deathbane has once again proven herself to be a blazing member in CSP and Excidium. Her outstanding work and dedication hasn’t gone unnoticed. She has been a constant presence when discussing the House’s development, plans for TA and a new Battle Team, and helping unit members advance in the DJB. Alara has also been a regular visitor to her former Battle Team, making sure that everyone is working hard while having fun at the same time as she does her best to motivate anyone who is struggling. She has released many competitions for everyone to participate in, and had partaken in many comps as well while placing in a few. All her efforts have led to Alara receiving her very first Steel Cross, and has ultimately led her to a very well-deserved promotion to Equite 2. As always, she continue to serve as a flaming beacon to others, setting a great example as a leader and a dedicated member of CSP and Excidium. A huge congratulations to you, Alara! May you continue to amaze everyone with all you do.

Shadow Nighthunter
Battle Team Leader of Tacitus Athanasius

Battlelord Shadow Nighthunter, 2017-04-19 12:39:41 UTC