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Warlord Ernordeth Puer-Irae
Old Rank
Battlelord (Equite 3)
New Rank
Warlord (Equite 4)
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Adept Atyiru Caesura Entar Arconae
Primary reason

I've had the pleasure of writing a lot of accolades for Ernordeth, or Ernor, in my time as Consul, many of them grand. His level of contribution just sort of demands a constant return on the part of anyone who supervises him — and gladly so, given Ernor's effort, attitude, and investment. His work in the FIST office, in his clan, and as a member has all made this club a better place, end of.

Since he was last elevated, Ernor has participated in 299 competitions, (co)organized 251 competitions, and earned 76 Crescents (9 Cr-D, 14 Cr-R, 24 Cr-A, 17 Cr-S, 8 Cr-E, 3 Cr-T, 1 Cr-Q) in placing for those competitions. He is an active force in writing and gaming, having submitted 29 PvP Matches, logged 339 PvE Activities, completed 2 ACC Battles, spun 6 Fiction Entries, and garnered 5 Pendants of Blood, 8870 Clusters of Fire, 2770 Clusters of Earth, 6 Clusters of Ice, and even 5 Clusters of Graphite. He has also passed 2 Shadow Academy courses and graded 81 courses for other members. In addition, he has collected a Sapphire Blade for his exceptional efforts as Praetor, two Grand Crosses, and two Anteian Crosses for his amazing activity, alongside miscellany such as 1 Scroll of Indoctrination, 13 Scrolls of Foundation, 1 Scroll of the Master, and 2 Legions of the Scholar. All of this while serving as the Praetor to two FISTs for over 12 months, the Docent of the Grand Master’s Royal Guard Shadow Academy course for 10 months, and Quaestor of Galeres for three months.

While his personal statistics above are numerous to say the least, and the FIST and Headmaster will highlight his work as a staffer while, several of us are going to wax on with phrases exactly like these to explain particular aspects of Ernor's character that have earned him his new rank. I'm going to tell you that Ernor is stubborn, and spunky, but not afraid to admit mistakes and work to fix them when he knows he needs to. He charges into all the projects he does, and takes that same unflinching, open caliber in his friendships and socialization around the club when he motivates and encourages just by tackling all possible challenges boldly. He's an active voice as a people's leader and stood stalwart as a Quaestor in Arcona, working with the Summit and his House team, as the chief gaming resident, and as a developmental voice for his House and Clan — such as in the Clan's growing fictional factions, and allowing use of his character in plot updates for the Sins of the Past and Aftermath competitions. However, while Ernor's participation and service are all commendable, it must be noted that his spirit as a builder of our community, both in gaming and in general, is second to none.

For all this, Jeff, we thank you. For all the work, all the laughs, and everything in between. Congratulations.

Atyiru Caesura Entar

Consul of Clan Arcona

Adept Atyiru Caesura Entar Arconae, 2017-05-08 19:44:09 UTC
Additional reasons

While I don’t have much to say about Ernor from a Voice perspective, I did get to interact with Ernordeth on a professional level as part of the Dark Summit. What I got to see is a leader that was the first point of engagement with the end-users (the member) of his respective office. It was easy to see that Ernordeth was the heart of the FIST Staff. What I know is that as either a member or leader, if I have any question relating to gaming, Ernor will either know it off the top of his head, point me in the direction of where I can find the information, or find out himself and then report back.

Beyond his loyalty to the club as P:FIST, Ernor is one of the most active regular members in the club. He participates in almost every activity that Clan Arcona offers, even when it is an event that he’s not comfortable in. His willingness and determination to do ALL the things is contagious and sets a good example for members that lack the push or drive to try things they might not like or be good at.

These attributes, attitude, and abilities combine with the laundry list of activity-based-statistics provided in the lead recommendation to paint the picture of the model Equite at the highest level. Congratulations, Jeff, and thank you for everything you do on a daily basis. We appreciate it.

Voice of the Brotherhood DB Gamer

Master Marick Tyris Arconae, 2017-05-08 19:43:31 UTC

I often wonder what the gaming community would look like without Ernordeth Puer-Irae. The answer I come up with is the same every time: nowhere near as great and active as it is. Not only has my clanmate and friend been a pillar of the Gaming Society for a long time he's also been one of, if not the most active gamers I have seen in a long time. Every quarter I try to keep up with Ernor is a quarter I'll fail to keep up with Ernor. Some would argue simply gaming a lot isn't enough to earn the prestigious promotion to EQ4, luckily that is not all Ernor does.

Not only has this guy earned several thousands of Clusters, he has also been one of the most active competition providers and consumers in the Brotherhood, both counting into the hundreds since his last promotion.

Now the other recommendations will have said plenty about the statistic and numbers of Ernor's activity. I'd like to speak about the not so measurable activity.

Within Clan Arcona, Ernordeth doesn't hold a leadership position, could've fooled me though. Interacting with Erno has been nothing but a pleasure for everyone I know. He's always, always available for, well, pretty much anything. Questions about gaming? He's your guy. Want somebody to play with? Again, he's your guy. Are you advertising your own competition? Erno will almost definitely participate. Aside from his knowledge and skill in gaming, I consider him one of the friendliest and most ready to help people in this entire community. Not once have I heard anything other than positive words about him.

It is with complete conviction and an abundance of joy that I recommend Ernordeth Puer-Irae for his promotion to Equite 4. It is time for this exemplary member of both Clan Arcona and the Dark Brotherhood to be rewarded for his exemplary activity. Ernor, you're a great example of what it means to be a member in a society like ours, as an Arconae and a friend, I'm proud and happy to see you rewarded appropriately. Keep kicking ass!

Celahir Erinos Arconae
Consul Emeritus

Augur Celahir Erinos Arconae, 2017-05-08 19:26:32 UTC

I am honored to be a part of elevating Ernordeth Puer-Irae to the final tier of the Equite Ranks: Sith Warlord. This elevation - the last before entrance into the Elders - speaks of a member’s continuous service to their Clan and the Brotherhood. As an invaluable member of the Gaming Community and a stalwart member of Arcona, he has earned this promotion, so that he may begin his path to Dark Adept.

I will let others rave about his individual activity, what he means to Gaming in the Brotherhood, his labor as a Praetor, and his steadfast reliability as a member of the Shadow Academy. I will, instead, talk about what he means to his House. Ernordeth may not have held the title of Quaestor or Aedile in my time, but his input and insight were extremely valuable to me as a leader. When I needed to bounce ideas off someone at 2AM, he was there. When I was trying to convince someone to run a thirty event clan-wide competition that parallels the Independence Games, he dove in. When I needed to discuss progression/leadership/development for our future leaders, he drove conversation. He is a role model for what I hope every member aspires to: a hybrid of active member and loyal friend.

Ernor - I know you do not do this for the awards or promotions, but accept this elevation with our heartfelt thanks and appreciation. Without your creativity, dedication, and inspiration… your House, Clan, and the Brotherhood, would not be the same.

Braecen Kaeth

Quaestor Emeritus of Galeres

Adept Braecen Kaeth, 2017-05-08 19:10:11 UTC

I’ll make this blunt: Ernor is the glue that keeps the DJB Gaming Community going. He was the true driving force behind literally every single thing we do on the FIST staff. Ernor set our priorities for monthly gaming and mobile gaming competitions. Ernor kept a watchful eye on necessary updates to Cluster of Fire and Earth tables to ensure our games are balanced and still provide our members with the rewards they deserve. Ernor provided constant direct feedback to the member base on upcoming games with the potential for support, upcoming Amazon, Steam, and other gaming sales, and a litany of other gaming related activities. Ernor made absolutely certain that gaming activities are approved in a timely manner. Since last December, he has run 150 competitions spanning a massive range of gaming activities, most notably his “Simply Star Wars” and “Annual Mobile Gaming” competitions. Even with the support of three Magistrates, Ernor personally approved 422 PVP activities and 1182 PVE activities, more than any of the three magistrates combined in either category.

His duties as Praetor to the FIST saw him advising and working with myself with new platform creation in order to give those in the Brotherhood more gaming choices. He continually monitored activity in our console platforms, and provided real-time updates and recommendations for cluster balancing. Ernor led the way with validating Overwatch, the newest fully implemented platform for the DB. He played countless hours validating times and gaming modes to provide a balanced set of cluster values and Pendant of Blood thresholds. Overwatch has become one of the DB’s most popular games, and it is Ernordeth who did 95% of the work to implement it. He continued to monitor our older games as well. Most recently, Ernor provided recommendations for updates to Battlefront, the club’s only next-gen Star Wars gaming platform. Seeing a need (and without any kind of directive), Ernor made recommendations for new Pendant of Blood thresholds, and cluster values for the new Battle Station mode, all of which were implemented within a few weeks.

Ernor is the true pillar of the Gaming community. Without everything he did and does, our community and this club at large would not have the wealth of gaming opportunities it does now. His positive attitude, willingness to work, and drive to make this club and its gaming community successful are all indicative of his ability to serve at the next level.

I am honored to raise my voice in the chorus of others in recommending him for promotion. Congratulations, Ernordeth. Thanks for everything you do and everything you will continue to do in the future!

-Dracaryis Sunstrider di Plagia, Fist of the Brotherhood

Adept Dracaryis, 2017-05-08 19:09:18 UTC

Erno has served on the Shadow Academy’s staff as Docent of the GMRG course since August of 2015 and has served admirably in that position. Since his last promotion, he’s graded 81 exams with an average grading time of under two hours. That two hour grading time is tied for the highest in the Shadow Academy during that time frame, which is no small feat considering the amazing staff we employ. He does everything I could ask of a Docent and does it cheerfully, to the highest quality, and efficiently. He’s an incredible member and resource for this club, and I’m proud to be able to stand among the rest of my fellows here to recommend his promotion.

-Farrin Xies, Headmaster of the Shadow Academy

Augur Farrin Xies Tarentae, 2017-05-08 19:06:18 UTC