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Jun 14, 2017
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Battlemaster Armad
Sapphire Blade
Requested by
Augur Sanguinius Tsucyra Entar
Primary reason

Armad is a dark horse. He's quiet, unassuming and doesn't feel the need to be the centre of attention.

Yet, he is tenacious, full of love for the Club and is always eager to volunteer to help me in any way possible.

Since his last recognition, Armad has participated in 162 competitions, placing in 56 of them! In addition, Armad has earned 127 Clusters of Fire, 320 Clusters of Earth and 28 Clusters of Ice for his troubles.

Add to this, the 10,000 words he's written for ROs and ACCs and the 10 SA courses he's completed and Armad shows just how hard he works. Each time a competition ends, I expect to see Armad's name in the top 5.

This isn't all Armad does. He works on our Wiki pages, updating and editing them without being asked to. He helps after events, working out word counts & post counts for ROs, making it easier for us to reward the members. He encourages others to participate and compete, despite not being summit.

Armad is an example of what I expect from a veteran Equite. Armad is loyal to his Clan, his Club and is someone I admire.

For his hard work, I'd like to reward Armad with this Sapphire Blade.


Consul of Naga Sadow

Augur Sanguinius Tsucyra Entar, 2017-06-14 18:02:36 UTC
Additional reasons

I wish to recommend Armad for the Sapphire Blade. His work ethic over the last several months has been next to outstanding and from always jumping up to offer his help when projects are on the go to taking part in everything he can I have to say it truly leaves most in the dirt for activity. When I was Aedile under Tasha we were undertaking a Marka Ragnos wiki revamp and it’s truly thanks to Armad stepping up and getting involved that a dozen of our pages were gone over, edited and made up to date. An exact list of the pages updated at the time is sadly not to hand but he streamlined the majority of our unit and history pages bringing them up to scratch with the then current time frame.

Since Armad’s last merit he’s participated in 162 competitions, including every major clan and House event to date. Placing numerous times in both Clan, House and more often than not in club wide competitions. Earning a grand total of 53 Crescents (8 Emerald, 11 Sapphire, 20 Amethyst, 13 Ruby and 1 Diamond.) This figure means he places in ⅓ competitions he enters in giving him an extremely high turn around for wins to participation ratio. On top of this, he has been an avid gamer earning a total of 320 CEs and 139 CF’s from a total of 26 PvP matches and 5 PvE activities. As well as picking up a Dark Side Scroll and Seal of Loyalty for this service to Naga Sadow.

Fictionally Armad has been featured half a dozen times and his character development has been one I have enjoyed viewing. He himself has participated in 10 fiction activities tallying up a cool 30 Clusters of Ice, 7988 words and in run-ons cracked out 6 posts with a tally of 3445 words.

This award is a long time coming and though I cannot personally submit it I would like to thank Armad for his dedication and hard work and truly look forward to seeing what else he can pull out of the hat.

Well done!

Corsair Kojiro Keibatsu , 2017-06-14 18:01:44 UTC

IT keeps getting better! Armad is such a great person. Always willing to help out whenever and wherever he can. I am so glad that it was a easy talk to get him to come over to the Hawks. He is another great addition to the team and you only want to have about five more of him on the team.

Another member you can continually count on and add to the prestige of the team. A accomplished writer and gamer/participant for the team and house. How could you not want to recommend him for such a great award. It is my honor to add to this recommendation. Thank you Sir!

Battlemaster Takagari "DarkHawk" KogaRyu, 2017-06-14 18:01:00 UTC

Sometimes you have those who are flashy, sometimes you have those who are loud. You have your prolific gamers, those who positively bleed fiction, your graphics junkies, and the like. Then you have what I would term your "quieter" members. Those who take part in events offered, those who gently ask what help the Summit needs, those who continuously develop their characters even when not always straight in the spotlight. These are some of our more dedicated members, our work horses, our "old faithful" members.

Armad is one of these. That which Armad sets out to do, he does well. Actually, as I looked at his metrics, I am kind of amazed at how frankly humble Armad is given how much he has accomplished over these months. Despite the recognition he has gotten in the past for his work, he still keeps pushing on. And pushing. If nothing else, I believe that hard work deserves some recognition. I hope that Armad will accept this token from us all of our gratitude. Humbly, I join my voice in recommendation for Armad to receive this Sapphire Blade.

Proconsul of Clan Naga Sadow

Battlelord Bentre Kairn'tel Stahoes, 2017-06-14 18:00:31 UTC