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Jun 16, 2017
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Reaver Ruana Suoh
Steel Cross
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Augur Edgar Drachen
Primary reason

Yuki Suoh (aka Jack) or as I like to call him "the man of many names", in fact since my time in Hoth Summit he has gone by Zoso, Mana, Miho and now Yuki (not to mention the many names he has had over his long career in the Brotherhood), but I digress.

Yuki has had his ups and downs throughout his time here in the DJB, but he always seems to shine when he is a member of House Hoth. He is always communicating, offering his advice and his skills as a proofreader to the every member of the Clan in telegram. No matter how much he tries to play the "I'm the broody, antisocial and rough personality card", his deeds and genuine caring about his fellow Housemates always shines through.

Also, his own personal achievements stand tall all on their own as well, in fact since his last recognition Yuki spent 4 months as my Aedile in House Hoth. During that time he was instrumental in helping run the House, co-writing and proofreading all of the House fictions that came out during his time in the summit. He also helped me organize and run the new annual Scimitar of House Hoth competition that was built to promote every activity the DJB offers. He was a great help to me and I was sad when real life forced him to leave his position but I of course understood.

Along with his time as Aedile Yuki was able to organize and co-organize 10 competitions and participate in 41 as well. He was able to amass 1 Crescent with a Ruby Star, 7 Amethyst Stars, 6 Sapphire Stars, 4 Topaz Stars, 4 Clusters of Fire, 8 Clusters of Ice and 336 Clusters of Earth.

So it is at this time I wish to thank a dear housemate, leader, advisor, proofreader and most importantly a dear friend for all of his hard work and determination to help make House Hoth one of the best Houses in the entire DJB.

For all of your hard work, especially proofreading my fictions, I am proud to award you with your 4th Steel Cross! Congratulations, my friend!

Edgar Drachen, Quaestor of House Hoth

Augur Edgar Drachen, 2017-06-16 14:23:40 UTC
Additional reasons

Yuki, a name I've grown to learn well. Not only is he a good writer, but he is a great teammate. First, he willing writes fictions with his fellow Clanmates, which gives back to the community of Odan-Urr itself and makes things more fun. Second, his time as an Aedile speaks for itself.

And more recently, I really appreciate the "can-do" attitude and teamwork that Yuki demonstrated in the recent Clan event. We had to write a run on together and things were a big rocky. It required people to step up and do some last minute writing. He didn't complain and he was willing to help out whenever needed. We ended up winning first place and I think Yuki was a big part of it. Small things like that mean a lot.

Overall, Yuki is not only an awesome guy but a great teammate. For this reason and his activity reported above, I believe he has earned a Steel Cross. Congratulations!!

Vanguard Aurora "Aura" Ta'var, 2017-06-16 04:49:09 UTC