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Jun 30, 2017
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Vanguard Ranarr Kul-Tarentae
Grand Cross
Requested by
Warlord Dracaryis
Primary reason

Ranarr has been a vital member of the Fist staff during his seven month tenure as Magistrate. During that period he has show an incredible ability to provide consistent activity for our gaming community, as well as provide internal advice and support to the Fist for current and planne3d platform support.

Since assuming the role as M:Fist last December, Ranarr has diligently worked to validate and approve gaming submissions within the 24 hour window to the tune of over 190 PvE/PvO activities and 117 PvP activities. His eagle eye for details ensured that all members who took part in a gaming event were properly rewarded for their effort.

Additionally, Ranarr was instrumental in the testing and implementation of the clubs only site-supported mobile game: Star Wars: Force Arena. Ranarr played more matches during the testing phase than any other member in the club, and provided all the necessary metrics to ensure the game met the criteria for full site support. Additionally, he took the lead on helping to maintain activity for the game by running a Force Arena competition, which had a sizeable turnout.

Ranarr’s greatest impact during his tenure came in the form of his management of the Galaxy of Heroes Weekly Squad competition. For six months, Ranarr organized, ran, and validated weekly Squad Arena events that provided first-level crescents and incentive Clusters of Earth. His careful monitoring of the competitions uncovered possible exploits in how screenshots were being utilized, and led to a full overhaul of how that game was supported through the competition system. This overhaul was directly linked to the decision to remove incentive clusters from all future competitions, in order to maintain one standard throughout the entire DJB. Ranarr’s attention to detail not only improved the competition experience for members playing Galaxy of Heroes, it helped to improve member experience for all future gaming competitions.

Ranarr has been one of the best magistrates I have had in my tenure as Fist. He is hard working, patient, and incredibly pleasant to work with. I have little doubt he will continue to excel in this club, and I hope that this award will serve as a small token of my thanks.

Congratulations, Ranarr. Job well done.

Warlord Dracaryis, 2017-06-30 17:40:27 UTC