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Warlord Scion Tarentae
Old Rank
Battlelord (Equite 3)
New Rank
Warlord (Equite 4)
Requested by
Master Zsarion Bloodfyre
Primary reason

Since Scion's last promotion, he has organized (or co-organized) 42 competitions, and participated in 90 events; he's earned 27 different levels of Crescents for such participation. He has written more than 10,000 words of fiction, including a smattering of ACC matches. Wally has commented that Scion may truly be the best ACC competitor that Tarentum has to offer; I certainly agree that Scion shows his writing skill in the ACC. He's participated in 16 different PvP or PvE matches, and earned 355 Clusters (Earth, Fire and Ice). Scion has earned 22 different Seals, including three Seals of Loyalty. He's earned one each of Anteian, Dark and Steel Crosses. Recently, his activity has dropped in the Club, but that's because his home activity has increased (he's now a new daddy, so he's been called away to fight other battles).

Scion served for 11 months as Quaestor of House Tarentum, right before Tarentum and all other Houses were re-Clanned. I don't believe I'm exaggerating or overstating that Scion was the vitality of Tarentum during that time to survive. There are still a great number of people who remember how close to closure and absolute destruction Tarentum was during that time. Scion chose active leadership to help him during this period, but it truly was an exercise of Scion's will to try and maintain House Tarentum in that era. While I was "around" during that period, I was focused heavily on SWTOR and raiding. And while I read emails, and kept in contact via IRC and other means of communication, there were a lot of us who didn't respond to Scion's calls for life and activity. And yet, his dedication never wavered. He continued to plead passionately with everyone to sustain our place in this Club. When there was a beginning and inception of "Tarentum Momentum," he praised the members' efforts and goaded them into more. He truly was the fanning breath that kept Tarentum struggling to survive. And, in some respect, I can understand his frustration and feelings of being betrayed when he was ultimately fired from the position. Someone had to take the blame, of course, and perhaps there was more that he could have done. Yet, again, he was one of those people that was giving all of his own mental and emotional reserves to Tarentum.

More recently, Scion also served for over a year as Quaestor of Mortis when Tarentum regained an added House, and only resigned from that post to focus on his new job of being a father in life. He still maintains an active voice in all things the Clan is involved in, speaking his mind on Telegram as part of our general leadership channel, and as an adviser in our main "steering channel" for Tarentum's leadership. He wants to see Tarentum achieve greatness. He wants to help us move beyond old mistakes, help us heal old wounds, and return to being a vital, contributing pillar of this Club. A lot of Tarentum's current vitality can be directly related to Scion and his Aediles, and those he molded as leaders. Tarentum Momentum as a concept truly did find initial life and its first breaths with Scion Altera.

Scion is right now on the cusp of being an Elder. While I don't believe he's ready for that level of achievement yet, I do believe wholeheartedly that he has reached the epitome of the Equites, and is one of those leaders in Tarentum whose voice will never be silenced, and whose weight will never be lost to the annals of time. Scion is a voice of reason, a voice of motivation, and one of the great winds that fills our sails and provides us with the motivation to steer ourselves into the future. I sincerely believe he is ready for this elevation, and I appreciate and congratulate his efforts.


Master Zsarion Bloodfyre, 2017-08-03 17:23:38 UTC
Additional reasons

Scion Altera. So many things I could say about the man. All of them good. We have a history of knowing each other twenty years as of the 1st of August so I will freely admit my slight bias.

Scion has been a team player for as long as I have known him. He's also a natural leader. He was worked tirelessly for the people under his command. He stresses over their well being. Wondering if they have enough to do, seeing if there is more they need, planning story lines ahead for months in order to make sure his people were engaged with Tarentum and the DJB as a whole. He is a constant presence in our weekly leadership meetings. He never shies away from taking responsibility and always speaks his mind. He is there if someone needs a proofread for an ACC post, run-on, or fiction story. He is also a mentor to all those who seek his wisdom, and many do.

Even though he is not in a positioned leadership spot right now, he still goes above and beyond day in and day out helping anyone in the Clan who needs it. Normally when people leave leadership, they tend to relax and slow down. not Scion. He hasn't missed a step and with the GJW only weeks away we need him now more than ever. This promotion would go a long way in showing him just how much we value his leadership at this time and to thank him for all of his selfless actions over the past year plus.

Warlord Hades, 2017-07-18 08:27:55 UTC