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Augur Alara Deathbane
Grand Cross
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Eminent Idris Adenn
Primary reason

It is a great honor to recommend that Alara Deathbane be awarded a Grand Cross for her continued exemplary service as a leader, mentor, member, and clan mate. Since her last recognition, Alara has continued to be a most stellar Aedile for House Excidium, keeping in constant contact with her members, working with Shadow on the TA BT, and running a smooth ship. With 29 different competitions organized, and a further 3 co-organized, there is little doubt about Alara's passion and drive to generate fun activities for her members. She is always pushing out new ideas for competitions, and of all of the leadership in the clan, I know I never ever have to reminder to have things being run.

She has also gone on to help develop the new House Excidium sub-floatilla, a section of our fleet specifically designed around Excidium's expanding lore and role in the clan. That role itself continues to be pushed forward by the efforts between herself and Braecen. It has been very awesome to see just how quickly Alara has jumped into the leadership life, taking to it like a fish to water. Anytime any member has voiced anything resembling an issue or complaint, Alara has been the first to reach out to them, often settling issues before the rest of us step in.

As a member Alara has gone on to participate in 44 competitions, play 15 PvP matches, 1 PvE, 5 ACC Battles, and 5 different fiction events. This has netted her 2 Ruby Stars, 4 Amethyst Stars, 4 Sapphire Stars, 2 Emerald Stars, 1 Topaz Star, 1 Quartz Star, 105 Clusters of Fire, 12 Clusters of Earth, 31 Clusters of Ice, and 13 Clusters of Graphite.

Congratulations Alara! Drinks are on you!

Xen'Mordin Palpatine
Consul of Scholae Palatinae

Eminent Idris Adenn, 2017-07-28 16:09:54 UTC
Additional reasons

I am honored to support Alara Deathbane as she continues her progression in this club as both an amazing member and aspiring leader. It is my distinct pleasure to award her a Grand Cross of the Dark Side to complete her merit medal collection. You have served your Clan and House admirably; thus, serving the Brotherhood as a whole. Keep your focus and dedication and you will know no limits as a mentor and leader.

Since her last recognition, Alara has participated in 44 competitions, (co)organized 32 competitions, submitted 15 PvP Matches, logged 1 PvE Activity, finished 5 ACC Battles, penned 5 Fiction Acitiviites (4882 words!), passed 4 Shadow Academy courses, and gained 1 Dark Side Degree. In addition to her excellent activity, she has collected numerous awards: 13 Crescents (2 Cr-R, 4 Cr-A, 4 Cr-S, 2 Cr-E, 1 Cr-T), 105 Clusters of Fire, 31 Clusters of Ice, 12 Clusters of Earth, 13 Clusters of Graphite, and 1 Seal of Loyalty. In addition, she oversaw the architecture and proofreading of our most recent House Fiction Updates in May and June; she helped breath life into other's visions and directed others whom helped write by providing quality control. She is constantly seeking to find new ways to engage her members and it shows up. Every. Single. Day. This is evident in her monthly organization of competitions that are then ran by her or members of House Excidium. She facilitates so that she can share her experience with younger members, engage members who are wandering, and empower the aspiring. She does this each month and pours countless hours into setting up events and working with others.

Not only has she been an activity dynamo, Alara serves as the Aedile, and Heir, to House Excidium. Her work ethic is relentless on behalf of her members. She is constantly working with members to develop competitions, reporting regularly (or releasing relevant information to aid her members), proofreading their work, auditing their activity, or honing her leadership skills as she progresses towards Quaestor. Most importantly, she is stepping up to audit the House activity on a regular basis. She combs through each dossier to capture their activity, so we can make determinations on who should be awarded and promoted. This requires several hours of detail work each month.

I am honored to have you as my protégé, Alara. Keep up the tremendous effort for your fellow members. You make me exceptionally proud.

Braecen Kaeth
Quaestor of Excidium

Adept Braecen Kaeth, 2017-07-28 16:09:45 UTC