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Aug 4, 2017
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Savant Ulfsark
Anteian Cross
Requested by
Seer Lexiconus Qor
Primary reason

Ulfsark is a mysterious entity who participates and participates continuously in the gaming trenches of the DJB. He’s participated in 29 competitions earning himself 1 Amethyst, 3 Sapphire, 1 Ruby, and 1 Emerald Crescents. He’s gained 2 Clusters of Graphite and a whopping 65 Clusters of Earth.

Whenever I’ve spoken to Ulfsark, he always mentions his forays into other aspects of the DJB, such as the Shadow Academy and trying out different competitions. He’s a valued member who explores much of his DJB career in his own way, and that is what we strive to provide as leaders.

Congrats Ulfsark!

Quaestor of House Imperium

Seer Lexiconus Qor, 2017-08-04 17:00:19 UTC
Additional reasons

Ulfsark has been a name I've long associated with activity and competition. As someone who was recently on the outside of Scholae Palatinae, I find that I've witnessed his activity first hand as we tried to best him. Yet, while Ulfsark is someone with the talent and skill to be a top contender; he seems to lack the typical arrogance of such. He's always been a fair, respectable, and helpful competitor and often been a helping hand when someone needs it. This was actually my first interaction with him, and I'd like to stress how important this is; your efforts are a big part of why I chose to return to Scholae Palatinae as it helped define how I saw the current membership of the clan. Helpful, dedicated, friendly, and fun; these are traits all members should strive for and I'm glad to see it in one of the House's most active members. Keep up the great work, Ulfsark, and most importantly; stay humble and engaging. You do very well in representing us. - RK

Battlelord Raiju Kang, 2017-08-02 17:29:12 UTC