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Sep 6, 2017
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Warrior Erik Cato
Dark Cross
Requested by
Ranger Gen Solari
Primary reason

Erik is one of the up-and-coming members of Naga Sadow and doesn't seem to let up with his excellent activity. Since his promotion on July 12th, Erik has kept his momentum going strong.

in the past two months Erik has participated in thirteen competitions to great success, bringing in one Crescent with Ruby stars, two Crescents with Sapphire stars and one Crescent with Topaz star. That's an almost 40% success rate for placement.

Erik has also participated in two PvP matches to bring in six Clusters of Fire and contributed graphics to the club to receive two Clusters fo Graphite.

One of the most valued skills in the Brotherhood, however, is writing. Erik really pulls his weight here for a relatively new member. In three fiction activities Erik has contributed two-thousand-five-hundred-ninety-one words, bringing in three Clusters of Ice.

And finally, to top it off, he has also passed six SA courses to receive one degree.

All of this in only two months. This is really saying something, as many members who have been in the club for years don't continue with this level of activity. Erik is a valued member of Naga Sadow and Shar Dakhan and I look forward to seeing his career in the Brotherhood blossom.

It is my pleasure to recommend an Dark Cross for Knight Erik Cato.

Aul Celsus, Quaestor of Shar Dakhan

Ranger Gen Solari, 2017-09-06 05:34:52 UTC
Additional reasons

Erik is a crazy man when it comes to gaming and shadow academy and everything else. I ran Pirates of the Aeotheran just as he entered the clan and he knocked it out of the park beating Sang for the number one spot. He has earned the right to help the leadership of the House with coming up with ideas for the next internal house storyline for his achievements. Great job Erik!

Battlelord Jurdan Krennel, 2017-09-04 23:58:42 UTC

While still a fresh new element in the Brotherhood, Erik Cato has still been amking a splash. Since last recognition, Erik still keeps rocking the club through comps, graphics and gaming. Not content to just sit about, Erik keeps pushing forward. His drive and attitude have been good thus far and I hope that this proves as just a taste of things to come.

Erik, your drive is something I love to see in our newer members. Well done!

Bentre Stahoes, Proconsul of Clan Naga Sadow

Battlelord Bentre Kairn'tel Stahoes, 2017-09-04 20:17:01 UTC