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Sep 6, 2017
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Savant Lilith Alema'rha Versea-Stormwind
Steel Cross
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Ranger Gen Solari
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Lilith is a bit of a phenom. Between her grueling real-life work schedule managing her time at the Faire and heading up Shar Dakhan's Battle Team, Lilith somehow still finds space in the day to be a very active member.

Since her last recognition just four months ago, Lilith has participated in forty-three competitions, bringing in one Crescent with Diamond Star, one Crescent with Ruby Star, one Crescent with Amethyst Star, two Crescents with Sapphire Stars, and three Crescents with Emerald Stars. Yes, she likes shiny things.

To add fuel to her fire, Lilith also submitted one PvP match and brought in two Clusters of Fire and ten Clusters of Earth, as well as completed one ACC battle, three fiction contributions and four run on posts for a total of two-thousand-four-hundred-fifty-three words, plus change, to bring in another eight Clusters of Ice. Further, her art contributions gained her two Clusters of Graphite.

Oh, we're not done yet. Lilith also completed an SA course... hmm... what else, oh yeah, she successfully guided her student to Knighthood, oh and got one of those little things called a Seal of Loyalty. Maybe you've heard of it?

All this while submitting reports, keeping the chat channels going, and providing her feedback for my QUA office projects as I enter my tenure at the head of the House.

In light of her achievements and activity, it is my esteemed pleasure to recommmend (takes a deep breath) Savant Lilith Alema'rha Versea-Stormwind for a Steel Cross.

Aul Celsus, Quaestor of Shar Dakhan

Ranger Gen Solari, 2017-09-05 23:51:54 UTC
Additional reasons

Lilith has been a strong contributor to the DoD even since before I joined CNS. I would like to say I have had a good working relationship with her and look forward to a long and fruitful continued relationship. This Steel Cross is well earned.

Battlelord Jurdan Krennel, 2017-09-04 23:56:51 UTC