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Sep 7, 2017
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Augur Edgar Drachen
Sapphire Blade
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Warlord Dracaryis
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Since his appointment to Praetor to the Fist in December of 2016, Edgar Drachen has spent the past nine months working extremely hard as the administrative arm of the Fist office. As Praetor, I tasked Edgar with multiple projects, specifically the testing of new gaming platforms, competition creation and management, and the close monitoring of activity approval timelines. In all areas, Edgar has performed admirably.

One of Edgar’s greatest accomplishments was his efforts in helping to add platforms to the DB’s library of supported games. When testing began for adding Heroes of the Storm as a supported platform, Edgar led the charge on this event, pushing for activity across all clans, leading to one of the single-most successful gaming tests since I joined the Fist staff as a Magistrate. Well over 400 individual matches were played by 30 unique participants during the test, with Edgar taking part in nearly 100 of them. After completion of the test, Edgar drafted a clear and concise proposal drafting out multiple modes and associated cluster values, of which two made it through to actual support. Heroes of the Storm has gone on to become one of the DB’s most popular games, and it is Edgar’s efforts in pushing members to take part in the test that made it possible.

Additionally, Edgar took the reigns of testing the DB’s first supported mobile game: Star Wars: Force Arena. This test was just as impressive, with 22 unique participants submitting well over 200 screenshots, and providing me with the average match times to determine Cluster values. Star Wars: Force Arena is the only mobile game that has full site support, and it is Edgar’s efforts in running the test event that made its addition possible.

Edgar is without a doubt a powerhouse of activity when creating competition content for our gamers. When I assumed office, the standard activities were limited to cluster races and mobile games, which after a few years of constant use had become stale and unpopular with our gamers. I gave Ed some very clear guidance: I want something unique that will help to reinvigorate interest with the club’s gamers. Once again, Ed exceeded my expectations. He immediately provided suggestions on three annual container competitions for Gaming, Mobile, and Flash games, and helped to create unique events that moved away from the standard trope of cluster races and screenshots. Edgar’s most successful event came in the form of the Heroes of the Storm 1v1 Bracket Competition. Fourteen of the DB’s HotS players took part in a four-round bracket competition designed to test players abilities in managing a team of AI against other DJB members. This competition was notable for having a 100% participation rate across all rounds. Edgar provided new challenges each week, and the members provided a great deal of feedback about what they liked and didn’t like (which was minimal) about the event.

Edgar’s primary role as Praetor is the management of the Magistrates as they review and approve gaming activities, while occasionally taking on the responsibility of approving activities himself. The numbers speak for themselves. In the past 9 months, Edgar has managed the timely approval of over 1352 PvE/PvO activities, of which he personally reviewed and approved 540, and 718 PvP activities, of which he has personally reviewed and approved 319.

Edgar’s most endearing qualities are not limited to his activity or work. Edgar is an exceptionally active and positive voice in DB Gaming, taking the time to discuss issues with members when I am unavailable and voicing their concerns and comments in the Fist Staff chat.

Edgar Drachen is one of the hardest working members of the DB that I have known in my short time in the club. He easily accomplishes any task I set before him, no matter how large or small. It is my honor and privilege to award him with this Sapphire Blade.

Thank you for all you do, Edgar. Congratulations!


Fist of the Brotherhood

Warlord Dracaryis, 2017-09-06 23:35:01 UTC