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Oct 6, 2017
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Warlord Rasilvenaira Isatri'Zara StormRaven
Dark Cross
Requested by
Seer Alara Deathbane
Primary reason

Rasilvenaira has truly revealed herself as the Storm Raven by rapidly taking Excidium and the Brotherhood by force. Since her last recognition, Rasilvenaira has participated in 6 competitions, organized 3 of her own competitions, and co-organized another two competitions. This has earned her 2 Crescents with Sapphire Star, and 1 Crescent with an Emerald Star. She has also earned herself 1 Pendant of Blood, 7 Clusters of Ice, and 2 Scrolls of the Master. On top of all that, she wrote a fiction piece of 1,043 words that told of James Malum's and Angel Snow's promotion to Knighthood for the whole clan to read. Rasilvenaira, you are truly an asset to House Excidium and Scholae Palatinae. Your fervent spirit and your compassionate heart make you a wonderful leader in our ranks, and I'm so thankful to have you as my friend.

Alara Deathbane

Quaestor of Excidium

Seer Alara Deathbane, 2017-10-06 02:14:33 UTC