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Adept Atra Ventus
Anteian Cross
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Master Marick Tyris
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Outside of his role as Combat Master, Atra has been an effective auxiliary member of the Voice Team. He has been vital to proof reading the last two major Fiction Updates (multiple passes) for me, which required an extra level of speed due to deadlines I needed to make. He not just proof reads for syntax, but also fact checks and looks up things to make sure I'm accurately staying true to Star Wars and the Dark Jedi Brotherhood. What flew under the radar, however, was instrumental role in the development of Project Arx from a writing and description standpoint. Having put in a lot of legwork previously, Atra did not take it personally when we tried to tackle the project from scratch, and gracefully helped port over his previous work into the new document we worked together to build. His write-ups and detailed descriptions of scenery and locations helped flush Arx out from concept to reality. He helped with the formatting, guidance, and implementation while making sure the project remained on task despite the other multiple projects happening in the office.

Thank you for the work you do that extends above and beyond your job title, and for being an invaluable part of my team.

Voice of the Brotherhood

Master Marick Tyris, 2017-10-04 01:08:45 UTC