Event Details

Oct 11, 2017
Event ID
Acolyte Unsterblich
Old Rank
Novice (Novitiate 3)
New Rank
Proselyte (Novitiate 4)
Requested by
Warlord Farrin Xies
Primary reason

It seems that not a day goes past where I do not hear about you, Unsterblich. Your superiors have sent glowing records regarding your accomplishments, which include:

  • Have been awarded 5 Clusters of Earth (A Cluster of Fire counts as two Clusters of Earth)
  • Join Telegram or IRC, and visit Clan Channel

An expedited recommendation for your promotion has been transmitted to the Master-at-Arms.

May the Force guide you, Proselyte,

Battlelord Farrin Xies

Warlord Farrin Xies, 2017-10-11 00:06:25 UTC