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Event ID
Master Selika Roh di Plagia
Old Rank
Warlord (Equite 4)
New Rank
Adept (Elder 1)
Requested by
Grand Master Darth Pravus
Primary reason

Warlord Selika Roh di Plagia membership in the Dark Brotherhood has spanned nearly two decades and is a testament to sustained activity and contribution to the club. Selika has served in a myriad of positions contributing in countless ways to the success of the Dark Brotherhood and two the betterment of our members.

A snapshot of Selika's activity since his last promotion includes six months of service as the Magistrate to the Herald, one year as Proconsul to Plagueis, 10 months as Consul of Plagueis, and 2 years as the Wiki Tribune. The span of these positions place Selika as an integral and trusted member of the DJB leadership team with his reach stretching across graphics, DJB history and lore, leadership, and retention of new members. Selika's ability to handle the myriad of tasks that come with his DJB positions is both impressive and a clear example of his merit as a Club Wide Leader.

Selika's activity also remains at the near pinnacle of DB membership. In two years he has been awarded nearly 1000 DJB awards ranging from a Ruby Scepter to over 800 gaming awards. He has written over 10,000 words of fiction, participated in over 50 competitions, ran another 70+ competitions, and all the while maintained a consistent and active communication with our membership by posting over 120 times on our DJB website.

I have not categorized or tabulated Selika's wiki work, other than to say he has done exactly what I have asked of him over the past two years. This includes major DJB edits to canon, to our history, and to pages that were long out of date. Selika has always been responsive to my taskings on the wiki and has always performed at a high level.

Slagar, you have been a long time and great member of our club and I am extremely happy to promote you to the rank of Adept and welcome you to the Elders.

Grand Master Darth Pravus, 2017-12-02 15:09:11 UTC