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Master V'yr Vorsa
Diamond Sword
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Grand Master Darth Pravus
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The Diamond Sword of the Dark Brotherhood has been awarded 19 times over a period exceeding two decades. This award is reserved for leaders in the Dark Brotherhood who have displayed incredible leadership and serve as pillars of the Brotherhood. The Diamond Sword's prestige is such that the MAA staff cannot award it and only the Grand Master or Deputy Grand Master can approve the award for our members.

We take the awarding of these medals exceptionally seriously. The integrity of our awards system (despite it just being pixels) is extremely important to the Dark Council and the Star Chamber. This requires the award process for the Diamond Sword to be unanimous during discussions in order to assure the members in question truly deserves it.

The Herald of the Dark Brotherhood, Adept Morgan B. Sorenn, truly deserves the Diamond Sword. Vyr's consistent dedication to our club and his unbelievable work rate are true testaments to his desire to see the Dark Brotherhood succeed. Graphics for our website, graphics for our dossiers, graphics for our awards, graphics for our possessions, graphics for our War, and finding the right/talented artists to support our club are all tools within his kit-bag. Vyr has created a thriving art community, has achieved stunning success fostering our young artists, and has consistently come through with timely and relevant art to make our club a much more presentable place.

In addition to Vyr's traditional duties (traditional doesn't make sense in his case because he has exceeded the normal duties of the position of Herald by far), he has also worked extensively in our possessions system, our fictional updates, and the most recent creation of the Collective for the GJW. Vyr's ideas, sketches, and initial work laid the ground work for the enemy forces featured in the DJB's latest war. His efforts for the GJW were amazing and our club benefited from his fast and excellent work.

Vyr, Mav and I appreciate all of the work you have done on behalf of our club over the past year and we look forward to collaborating with you for a very long time.

Grand Master Darth Pravus, 2017-12-04 01:59:23 UTC