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Event ID
Lieutenant Colonel Essik Lyccane
Old Rank
Peacekeeper (Equite 1)
New Rank
Ranger (Equite 2)
Requested by
Augur Edgar Drachen
Primary reason

Ka Tarvitz is one of those members that is a much deeper than what people see on the surface. I have had the pleasure of being his Master during his training to Knighthood and he never ceases to amaze me and even to this day he impresses and inspires me to create new and fun things for the members of Hoth to enjoy.

First, of since his last promotion, Ka has 75 Competitions with another 13 Container competitions as well. Impressively 19 of these competitions were for the Great Jedi War XII: Retribution he was one of 8 COU members to participate in every bin the war had to offer. He has also earned 2 SA Degrees a Dark Sage in History and Lore and a Dark Savant in Legends.

Ka has also amassed a treasure trove of awards to go along with his high level of activity. He has earned a Grand Cross, 2 Silver Nova, 2 Bronze Nova, 3 Ruby Stars, 6 Amethyst Stars, 17 Sapphire Stars, 8 Emerald Stars, 1 Pendant of Blood, 44 Clusters of Ice (for writing 23559 words of fiction, 9047 words in 8 run on posts and completed 4 ACC matches), 92 Clusters of Fire, 7 Clusters of Earth and 7 Clusters of Graphite.

Tarvitz is a solid member and one I believe is one of the club's future leaders as well. He is always there to help anyone who needs it, he is a wealth of information, drive, and passion that is rarely seen in such quantities. I have said this before but he is always there to help me or anyone of us in the House or Clan summits.

So much so that giving Tarvitz a task results in Tarvitz going out of his way to provide you with everything you asked for and then some. Even if you give him a long deadline he will always complete the task well before the deadline.

Ka Tarvitz, you always go above and beyond for your House and for the Clan as a whole. So for these reasons and so much more I am honored to support your promotion to Equite 2. This is very much well deserved so congratulations my friend!

Edgar Drachen, Quaestor of House Hoth

Augur Edgar Drachen, 2017-12-05 19:42:13 UTC
Additional reasons

In addition to Tarvitz's slew of activity mentioned by Edgar, he's organized four competitions since his last promotion.

Tarvitz is one of those members that is always there, willing to offer a helping hand through opinions, criticism and suggested improvements in the most polite manner I've ever seen. This selflessness became even more evident during GJW XII, where Tarvitz tirelessly assisted others in the COU War group on Telegram, showing a constant activity throughout. I will freely admit that, at some points, the sheer amount of detail Tarvitz went into (when discussing spacecraft and comparing the differences in starfighters, for example) went way over my head. This willingness to help others, to me, is the hallmark of the Equite level; a leader in all facets, even without an official position.

Congratulations on your promotion to Equite 2, my friend. You've more than earned it!

Celevon Edraven Erinos
Aedile, House Hoth

Augur Samael "Celevon/Raven" Sörinje, 2017-12-05 19:40:07 UTC

Ka Tarvitz is not only one of the most kindest and loyal clan members, but also one of the most inventive. A great person to bounce ideas off of to stay within the realms of the Star Wars lore. Always willing to help others with whatever their task may be.

It is a pleasure and an honor to recommend Ka Tarvitz for a promotion.

Keiji Suoh

Privateer Keiji Suoh, 2017-12-05 14:48:29 UTC

Ka Tarvitz is the kind of member every leader wishes they had: driven, polite, active and a unique contributor to the unit. I had the pleasure of being on his Battleplan team where his skill, dedication and thoroughness led the team to a Bronze Nova. Beyond his individual activity and accolades, Ka has made himself an essential part of the COU community. It's hard to imagine our channels without his exceptional politeness and willinginess to help his fellow members or his summit.

Thanks for everything you do and congratulations on EQ2!

Turel Sorenn
* Consul, Clan Odan-Urr*

Warden Turel Sorenn, 2017-12-05 02:06:00 UTC

Since I have known him, Ka Tarvitz has shown to be a passionate, dedicated member to Odan-Urr. His accolades above are a testament to his skill and the effort he puts forth to making not only his Clan a better place but House Hoth as well. Activity is only a part of the puzzle though. You have to help others too. His contributions to Hoth chat and Clan chat are wonderful because he is a constant presence that offers advice, helps younger members, and is, of course, a willing person to have Star Wars discussions. Sometimes people forgot how important this is but make no mistake, this club would not be very fun if we didn't have those that helped foster community.

Thank you for being an awesome part of Odan-Urr and congratulations!!!

Aura Ta'var
Rollmistress of Odan-Urr

Warden Aurora "Aura" Ta'var, 2017-12-05 01:18:22 UTC

Tarvitz joined us in August 2016, and yet I'm still discovering his talents. Ed included the sizable pile of crescents and clusters he's accumulated, but let's examine his four shiny new novae:

  • A silver nova for the run-on, which I can personally state involved not only writing his own sections, but a solid month of brainstorming, plotting, and detailed editing work.

  • A second silver nova for a brutally hilarious condolence letter.

  • A bronze nova for his critical contributions to a battle plan.

  • A second bronze nova for a 3D sculpture.

That's not a common or unremarkable skillset, and it's not the limit of Tarvitz' talents. As Ed stated above, he has an expansive breadth of knowledge which he puts at the service of his clanmates. If he's able to contribute advice, help, or even just a bit of humor, Tarvitz does not hesitate to contribute.

Congratulations on EQ2, my friend.

Alethia Archenksova
Proconsul of Odan-Urr

Colonel Alethia Archenksova, 2017-12-05 01:08:47 UTC

Ka Tarvitz, has been a pillar of activity not just in his House but the Clan as a whole. During the War, I had the pleasure of being teamed up with Tarvitz on the Run-On (which earned a Silver Nova) and during this time I have gotten to know him better. More than just participating in the Run-On, Tarvitz managed to complete every single bin in every phase!

Along with his impressive competition activity, Tarvitz established himself in motivating his fellow members in the Clan War Telegram channel. His rapier like wit and outside the box thinking bringing moments of levity and serious thought to the Clan channel and to his teams. Honestly who would have thought to use an X-Wing to kill off a major member of the Collective? Answer: Tarvitz

It is my pleasure to recommend Tarvitz for this promotion. Well done my friend, well earned!

Commander Len Iode

Aedile of House Satele Shan, Clan Odan-Urr

Colonel Len Iode, 2017-12-05 01:01:28 UTC