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Rian Taldrya
Grand Cross
Non-site XP
1497 XP
Requested by
Blade Master Aiden Lee Deshra
Primary reason

When it comes to leaders in Taldryan, no one is stronger than Rian Taldrya. He has proven time and time again that he is a real backbone within this Clan. His work ethic is unrelenting, and unyielding even when he finds himself incredibly busy outside of the club. This became all the more apparent to me when during the GJW I was forced to step back a bit due to surgery and Rian really rallied the Clan for Phase II. I am forever grateful to you Rian.

Since his last recognition, Rian has participated in 30 competitions including 18 during the GJW. Of those he placed in 9 of them earning 7 crescents and 2 Silver Nova! With his gaming and graphics activity Rian played 2 pvp matches and earned 2 CoF’s and 19 CoG’s. He also has completed 2 SA courses.

Rian has continued to excel as Quaestor of Ektrosis, his Houses most recent accomplishment being they contributed 94 of the 156 unique submissions to the GJW that Taldryan was responsible for. Rian is always communicating with his House and the rest of the Clan. He also is always striving to push forward, and has been hard at work developing the next Taldryan event to help develop the new Home System he created! Not only is Rian active within the Clan, but he has continued to serve as a Magistrate for the Herald.

Rian keeps consistent reports going out to his House, and to the Clan. He contacts all new members and pushes to incorporate them into the Clan in whatever fields of interest they are looking for. On telegram he is always part of or heading up conversations within the Clan chat and War chat, and even has shown himself to be involved in other DJB chats as well. He leads the current developments of Taldryan's and Ektrosis's story-lines and has put in an incredible amount of effort into building up the current threat to Taldryan's forces. To me personally Rian has been integral in keeping me on task as my life's grown far busier than when I started out as Consul.

Rian continues to prove to me that he is an integral figure within our Clan. He is respected for his achievements, and rightfully earned that respect. In the GJW Rian was named Champion of Clan Taldryan for his achievements and overall score. I look forward to seeing what comes next for Rian Taldrya, and I am honored to award him a Grand Cross! Congratulations Rian!

Blade Master Aiden Lee Deshra, 2017-12-07 05:10:24 UTC