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Raider Grot
Steel Cross
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General Stres'tron'garmis
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In the past few weeks since Grot gained the rank of Yeoman, he's been nonstop. Picking up 3 more degrees and clearing 15 more Academy courses, he's kept up his learning trend. He's racked up 17 PvP matches for the War and written over 9k words between fiction and Run-ons, in which he qualified as well. On top of this, he's participated in 18 competitions, earning 1 Gold Novae, 1 Bronze Nova, and 72 Clusters of Fire. He also partook in the arts, picking up 12 Clusters of Graphite!

He was a substantial force in the Arcona War room, encouraging others to activity. He proofed over 10k words in fiction for the various competitions and another 6k in ACC bracket posts. He's shown himself to be a future leader, taking point on the Battleplan competition, which his team won 1st place in, and a 'Newcona' Run-On, in which several members qualified, including Grot.

Along with this, Grot took it upon himself to help with the Selen Development Project's wiki work so we could move ahead with more competitions. In total, he summarized, edited, and wiki-formatted 10k worth of participant-generated words. This included 13 new NPCs, 9 venues, and an organization that will see future use.

After editing, reworking the wording and formatting, he ended up with several new wiki pages, including ones dedicated solely to some of the NPCs, one for the organization, and a new article centering on the locales. All of these can be found linked off of the Sinchi Ring article.

For his assistance at this juncture of the project, I'm happy to recommend him for this award.

Kordath Bleu
Proconsul, Arcona

General Stres'tron'garmis, 2017-12-04 22:45:04 UTC