Event Details

Event ID
Mystic blackhawk
Old Rank
Knight (Journeyman 4)
New Rank
Mystic (Equite 1)
Requested by
Master Zsarion Bloodfyre
Primary reason

In looking at Blackhawk’s recent activity, he’s participated in seven events for GJW XII, in addition to (since his last promotion: https://www.darkjedibrotherhood.com/members/14299/assessment/promotion) organizing or co-organzing 11 events, participating in a total of 58 events, earning 225 total medals with a Steel Cross high, and generally being one of our most involved members. Blackhawk has served in either a Team lead or Aedile position for a total of five months, and is just waiting for another opportunity to show some time in leadership. He is constantly active in our Telegram channel, and helps to present a very welcoming, active culture with conversation and friendship. He has exhibited himself to be incredibly dedicated, and always ready to serve Tarentum’s cause.

I would suggest that Blackhawk has more than shown himself to be a dedicated member and leader, and is ready for that advancement into the Equite ranks. He has passed three courses in the Shadow Academy, showing his commitment to further Club-based training. He has written more than 2,000 words of fiction in his time of Knighthood, as well as playing various matches in gaming activities. While there is still much to learn for Blackhawk, again, he is more than ready to be elevated to Warrior.

Congratulations, Blackhawk!

Master Zsarion Bloodfyre, 2017-12-05 16:31:00 UTC