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Battlemaster Kookimarissia Mimosa-Inahj
Anteian Cross
Requested by
Augur Aiden Lee Deshra
Primary reason

Kookimarissia is one of Tal’s more active members. She always has some form of activity going on in the DJB, and her dedication to the Clan is greatly appreciated. In the GJW she ranked among the more active Taldryan Clansmen and brought a Nova home for her efforts.

Since her last recognition Kooki has participated in 26 competitions. Of those she placed in 2 earning a crescent and a Bronze Nova. She has participated in 4 fiction events, writing 1690 words of fiction, and even competed in the Run-on event during the War. Kooki competed in 4 pvp matches earning herself 1 CoF. She’s also earned 1 CI and 4 CoG’s.

For her contributions to the Clan and her efforts in the war im pleased to award Kookimarissia an Anteian Cross. Congratulations Kooki.

Augur Aiden Lee Deshra, 2017-12-05 18:27:57 UTC