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Augur Alaris Jinn
Amethyst Kukri
Requested by
Augur Aiden Lee Deshra
Primary reason

During my tenure as Consul, Alaris Jinn has been one of the members I have always been able to rely on. His work for Taldryan as Proconsul has been a welcome help to me and his presence on the Summit has been both inspiring and helpful. Alaris has taught me much about leadership and I would have not been able to successfully lead Taldryan without him and his support.

During his time as Proconsul Alaris has led by example through his activity. He has organized, and co-organized, 63 competitions and participated in 92, 15 of which were during the recent GJW. Of those 92 competitions Alaris has placed in 16 of them earning 15 crescents and a Gold Nova! He has also competed in 57 pvp matches, 16 pve matches, and 5 ACC fights. Through his various activities Alaris has earned 5 Pendants of Blood, 276 Clusters of Fire, 25 Clusters of Ice, and 60 Clusters of Earth.

Alaris has been instrumental in the development of Taldryan’s new Naval and Military Forces. He proposed a number of budgets to ensure that the Navy was as well rounded as possible. He also took the lead on the organization and naming aspects of the fleet and military force. To keep activity in Taldryan up, Alaris has ran several different competition series, including Fiction, Poetry, and Trivia. Alaris was instrumental in the creation of not only the Taldryan-Odan Urr event earlier this year, but also in setting up the Plaguies-Taldryan pro bowl event that took place this past summer.

While he was working as a Proconsul for Tal, Alaris has remained active in other areas of the club, earning him two Antien Crosses. He was a member of the Appeals Panel and an ACC judge. Alaris has used the skills he learned from these two positions to help teach and lead the Clan during stressful times and competitions.

Because of all of these reasons and more I believe that Alaris has more than earned an Amethyst Kukri. Congratulations Alaris!

Augur Aiden Lee Deshra, 2017-12-07 01:30:22 UTC