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Dec 7, 2017
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Privateer Grot
Old Rank
Yeoman (Journeyman 3)
New Rank
Professional (Journeyman 4)
Requested by
Augur Terran Koul
Primary reason

In the short time that has passed since he joined the DB, Grot has quickly established himself as one of Arcona's rising stars. He is always eager to help with any proofing or projects and is a powerhouse of activity, both in competitions and in other areas within the club.

Since his last promotion, Grot has completed a total of 16 competitions and 11 PVP matches. During the war, he submitted to every bin, and even earned a Gold Nova and a Bronze Nova. He is also chewing his way through the Shadow Academy at an impressive speed. Since his last promotion, he has completed an additional 15 courses and has earned 3 more degrees.

Finally, he has proven himself to be quite helpful with additional Clan activities. He is always willing to help proof for anyone who needs. He also is performing wiki work on the Selen Development project, and has proved himself to be invaluable in that area.

Grot is enthusiastic and tireless in his participation and his hard work and dedication are sincerely appreciated. He is truly a boon for Arcona, and for the DB as well. As such, it is my honor to recommend him for promotion to Professional.

Congratulations, Grot! You are the best murder lizard a Sith could want, and I am looking forward to witnessing your continued meteoric rise!

  • Lucine Vasano, Battleteam Leader of Voidbreaker

Augur Terran Koul, 2017-12-07 02:31:00 UTC
Additional reasons

Grot has made quite the name for himself since he joined the Brotherhood two months ago. He rose to Yeoman in little over a month, and his effort and drive have yet to falter. In the last month alone, he has participated in 19 competitions, earning multiple Crescents and even two Novae during the War. He was also awarded a Steel Cross, both for his competitive nature and for his efforts to improve Arcona's Wiki presence. He's written nearly 9,000 words of fiction in that time, not including his wiki submissions, and passed fifteen courses. Needless to say, he's a powerhouse of activity.

In addition to his quantifiable contributions, he is a persistent presence and Telegram, regularly developing ideas for storylines, projects, and other ways he can improve his Battleteam, House and Clan.

In short, he is a joy to have in Arcona, a member with the drive, the enthusiasm, and the talent to excel. Though his journey as a Journeyman is concluding, I have no doubt that his greater contributions to the Clan and the Brotherhood as a whole have just begun.

Grot, it is with a great deal of pride and pleasure that I hereby recommend you for elevation to the rank of Professional. Congratulations!

  • Terran Koul, Quaestor, House Qel-Droma of Clan Arcona

Augur Terran Koul, 2017-12-07 02:30:46 UTC

Grot the lizardman is on the hunt and his prey? The Dark Jedi Brotherhood. This challenge seeker has gnawed through each and every task thrown his way, quicker than his handlers can feed him. All fun Trandoshan analogies aside, Grot really has been building a name for himself. He heavily participates in the Shadow Academy, it is rare to not see several courses passing through my email regarding his studies. I would be surprised if there was anything he hadn’t done yet. When the Academy doesn’t scratch his itch, Grot turns to competitions. It doesn’t matter what particular types they are either, fiction, graphic, flash game, etc. Yet, SA and competition activity pales in comparison to his drive and willingness to both propose and work on projects for his clan. From militia proposals to wiki work, Grot has presented to us what we strive to encourage in all members. It is refreshing to see Grot’s collaborative works with other members, having helped spur one a many fiction idea or character development with his fellow teammates.

If all of that was not impressive, certainly the fact that this individual, who had wandered into our part of the galaxy only two months ago, had completed every single competition bin there was to be wrought in the GJW XII! It was through his hard efforts that he had scored both a Gold and a Bronze Novae, a feat rarely heard of from such new blood!

It is with great pleasure to see you rightfully promoted to Journeyman IV. Congratulations, Grot! You have earned it thricefold! I look forward to what you bring to Arcona and the Brotherhood. The stars are your playground, Scales.


Aedile of Qel-Droma, Arcona

Savant Zujenia, 2017-12-07 02:30:22 UTC

Since joining our illustrious membership, Grot has never once ceased to participate. From day one, he has been active in the community, both Arconan and beyond, and already Grot has forged bonds both fictional and real with our membership, displaying a helpful and open attitude towards all our members. Having joined just prior to the GJW XII, he gave amazing service during the conflict, outperforming many veteran members and shining as a beacon of exemplar participation in category after category. Even prior to the War, and most astonishingly during it, Grot has also savaged the Shadow Academy and the mental image of our brave Trandoshan hunter devouring scrolls and slaying exams has not once ceased to amuse me. Rare have been the days when I have not had my inbox spammed by half-a-dozen SA courses completed by him.

Beyond all of this, Grot has taken up many projects that others might find boring or uninspiring, warming my heart personally by his vigor and drive in cleaning up the Arconan Wiki and finding true enjoyment in that most noble of callings, military logistics. In these ventures, as in almost all things he undertakes, he displays a keen mind and creative drive which I know will carry him far in the future.

My only regret is that your rise to this rank was so quick that I never had a good time to write a proper co-authored fiction, but I’m certain there will be opportunities aplenty to net Grot some more points in the future. Thank you for your service so far, Grot, and once again, welcome to the Clan! Arcona Invicta!

  • Tali Sroka, Master

Savant Tali Sroka, 2017-12-07 02:29:30 UTC