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Vanguard Jafits Skrumm
Dark Cross
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Vanguard Maximus Alvinius
Primary reason

Jafits has been a beacon of activity in House Satele Shan. In the GJW alone he was able to hit 15 competitions helping earn COU some serious participation points that help lead the Clan to victory. Since his last recognition he has participated in 16 competitions, and was a force on the gaming front where he earned 155 Cluster of Fire, and Cluster of Earth 157! His abilities didn't stop there as he went on to earn 16 Clusters of Graphite for his art abilities. Lastly he has continued to hone his knowledge in the Shadow Academy by passing 2 courses to help him down his path to more knowledge within the SA. Jafits you activity never ceases to amaze me. Well done brother!

Vanguard Maximus Alvinius, 2017-12-07 18:45:15 UTC