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Reaver Qyreia Arronen
Sapphire Blade
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Adept Atyiru Caesura Entar Arconae
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Qyreia Arronen came to Arcona just under ten months ago and in that time he has continually contributed in activity, served in multiple positions as a leader, mentored members within Arcona and most recently not only participated in every bin of the GJW but earned himself a Gold Nova and a Bronze Nova for his work. Beyond his impressive showing in the War, he has participated in 82 competitions, (co)organized 2 competitions, completed 17 fiction activities for 43445 words submitted, 5 run-on posts for 9642 words, across these achievements he has earned (2 CR-D, 6 CR-R, 4 CR-A, 7 CR-S, 5CR-E, 2 PoB, 149 CF’s, 104 CI’s, 93 CE’s, 17 CG’s) as well as 3 Scrolls of Foundation. All this while also serving for a combined seven months as Aedile of Galeres and three months as Quaestor.

I am extremely proud of Qyreia’s accomplishments, dedication to activity and assisting his subordinate leaders and Equites. There isn’t a day that goes by that he is not engaged with and helping Constantine with making progress on the Nighthawk Battleteam, reviewing work done by the BTL and their members. He contributes to nearly every conversation among the Summit of Arcona, working to ensure a bright future for Galeres and for Arcona.

For all that you do I am happy to present you with a Sapphire Blade for your efforts alongside the thanks of the Arconan summit who will speak further in the recommendations below.

Thanks Q,

Uji Tameike Quaestor of Galeres

Adept Atyiru Caesura Entar Arconae, 2017-12-10 00:44:51 UTC
Additional reasons

For the time he was on ACC staff, Qyreia carved out a role for himself that no other could fill. He brought forth real world knowledge of military and weaponry and became the go-to resource for NFU discussions. It was a role he delighted in and proved efficient at. I was happy to have access to the perspectives he was able to bring and it showed more so during events when we had high quantities of NFU combatants in a short timeframe compared to the usual process.

All of the above cannot be quantified, as the benefit ceiling for such a presence is near limitless. However, what I can say is that in the time since Qyreia's last award, he has both shown ACC participation through the course of 2 completed matchs and facilitated the timely turnaround of matches by providing 7 match judgements. These came before we reworked the post-by-post commenting method and was a significant time sink for any judge. At the same time, he was able to process 1 member's qualification, ensuring that they can gain access to the ACC corner of the website.

For all the effort both measurable and indespensible, I am honored to append my recommendation for Qyreia Arronen to be awarded a Sapphire Blade. Thank you so much, and know you are missed among the staff!

Atra Ventus
Combat Master of the Brotherhood

Adept Thane "Atra" Skotos, 2017-12-10 00:18:16 UTC

Q came to us with the singular purpose of service: to help lead the House he volunteered to guide, to be a competitor and creator and friend, to pass on what knowledge he had and be useful to his peers. Working as a member of our Arconan Summit is never, never easy. That comes with the job description. We're a team full of strong personalities and opinions, driven by a lot of passion and sometimes a lot of stubbornness. Q took all of that in stride, and even when things were strained, he has never bulked at his responsibilities, has always been willing to listen to critique and adjust his course in learning how to operate as a leader in the Brotherhood, and has since become even more of a leader in his own right, going on to teach others in Constantine, Rinz'ler, and all those under his care. He works hard to share any resources he has — be it knowledge about writing or the ACC from his Judge experience or proofing expertise all through the ACC Preliminaries and any other fiction venture — to his military experience in the planning of fleet and troop settlements both fictionally and in Possessions. He is a star participant and skilled performer, and if he finds his skills lacking in any department, he looks to fix that.

Q is a fresh voice to our team to keep us on our toes and humble, a fierce competitor earning our Clan many victories — in the Twelfth Great Jedi War and otherwise — and a growing leader who has done much to support his House and Clan as a teacher, advisor, and administrator. We thank him for what he's done, and what he will continue to do.

Satsi Tameike

Consul of Clan Arcona

Adept Atyiru Caesura Entar Arconae, 2017-12-10 00:00:40 UTC

Over the course of nearly ten months, Q and I had the fun task of running Galeres. Sometimes he was in charge and sometimes I was, as his military life took up a good chunk of his time. Even while deployed or moving across an entire continent, he was always ready to help. As both a Quaestor and Aedile, Qyreia's first priority was the House, organizing and informing them.

In the past few months as Q's Proconsul, I've seen him take point on House leadership. With a heavy focus on the Galeres wiki organization, an ongoing and frankly tedious process, he's shown a tremendous amount of patience. Also, he's been the primary on reinvigorating the House's Battleteam, working closely with the team's leader and helping guide him through the pitfalls of leadership.

He's been steadfast, he's been capable, and he's been patient. And he's very deserving of this award. Congratulations, Q-ball!

Kordath Bleu
Proconsul, Arcona

General Stres'tron'garmis, 2017-12-09 23:59:59 UTC