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Warrior Jashashi "Vesh" Zaes
Dark Cross
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Savant Aul Celsus
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Drae'lath Rahath is a remarkable young member of Naga Sadow. He has quickly become perhaps the most consistent mainstay in the Telegram for not only CNS, but other Club-wide chats as well. His personality and enthusiasm is infectious.

But, of course, being a great guy isn't enough to award a merit medal.

Drae has participated in nine competitions since joining the Brotherhood, but importantly six of these competitions were during the GJW, netting him six Seals of Wrath. This important contribution of participation helped to launch CNS to its respectable placement during the War and was significantly more than many higher ranked, longer-serving members of the Clan. This, alone, is reaoson enough to thank Drae'lath. However, his participation also netted him one Crescent with Topaz Star, fourty-tree Clusters of Fire and, for his three run-on posts consisting of two-thousand-six-hundred-eighty-three words Drae brought in three Clusters of Ice. In fact, this run-on experience with Drae was one of the highlights of my fiction career with the Brotherhood and his ability to brainstorm and creatively construct a story will serve him very well during his own career in the Club. Keep up the writing Drae, I need it!

Lastly, Drae also completed four courses and gained one degree and one Scroll of Foundation.

While it would be nice to take the credit for Drae's fantastic presence since he is my student, I simply cannot. He's too much of a self-starter and has really found his way in the Club, maybe with a little of my guidance (mostly by pointing to Wiki articles).

Congratulations on your Dark Cross, Drae'lath. This will certainly be just one of very many you will receive during your tenure in the Brotherhood.

Savant Aul Celsus, 2017-12-13 01:17:36 UTC
Additional reasons

"My experiences over the last few weeks with the Great Jedi War and overall since Drae'lath joined our Clan has been nothing but positive. Drae'lath has never hesitated to ask how to do things properly, has remained a consistently postive force in Telegram, and his performance with the War- his first- was really something to behold.

I had the pleasure to work with him on a number of team competitions and I can honestly say that without his insight and oversight I do not believe our Battleplan, as a prime example, would have been nearly the same without him.

Given the insight, spirit and attitude that Drae'lath brings as a member of Clan Naga Sadow I can say it is a genuine pleasure to watch as he succeeds at his own pace. I look forward to seeing what else he accomplishes here. Keep making us all proud, Drae.

Bentre Stahoes

Proconsul of Clan Naga Sadow

Warlord Bentre Sadow, 2017-12-12 01:42:29 UTC

Drae is a great addition to the house and the clan in general. He is very communicative in telegram and he does outstanding work outside of telegram. He even watches my live streams on youtube, something he definitely doesn't have to do. He is a great person and has brought a great light into Shar Dakhan.

Congrats man.

Corsair Kanal O'neill, 2017-12-11 00:42:26 UTC

Drae’lath has been a rising star during the Great Jedi War. His recent efforts have done so much to compliment his house and clan.  As another member of his first run-on experience I really enjoyed his contributions and input throughout.  It's about time we recognise his excellence.  

Keep up the great work and congrats!

Warrior Erik Cato, 2017-12-10 23:52:54 UTC