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Warden Aurora "Aura" Ta'var
Sapphire Blade
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Colonel Alethia Archenksova
Primary reason

Blade is the beating heart of Odan-Urr. I’m just going to get her activity out of the way first, because despite earning her the title of Third Hero of GJWXII, it’s the lesser of her contributions. In the last six months, Blade has participated in 50 non-container competitions, including twenty-five competitions in the Great Jedi War. She’s passed 5 courses in the Shadow Academy and earned the Dark Maven in Galactic History. She’s earned 49 Clusters of Fire, 43 Clusters of Ice, 16 Clusters of Graphite for the quantity of her activity, and 2 Gold Novae, 3 Silver Novae, 4 Crescents, and a Legion of the Scholar for the quality of it. She’s fought 10 ACC battles. This alone is worthy of praise.

However, where Blade has become truly indispensable is as a leader. Rollmaster is considered by some to be a borderline-useless position. Before we hired Blade, I was one of those people. Since then, she has completely redefined the job for me. This morning, I woke up to 10 emails to members that Blade has CC’d me on. Emails reaching out to new members to see how their experience was going. Emails congratulating members on their performance. Emails to old friends on the verge of going rogue. She has organized or co-organized 4 competitions. Blade has also earned 3 Scrolls of Foundation. She earned a Scroll of the Master for mentoring Tyraal Bitshiver to the rank of Knight; even though that was in mid-October, she continues to mentor him, and Tyraal remains active and engaged with the clan at large.

During the ACC prelims, Blade agreed to join with Turel, Korroth, and me to ensure that every Odanite who asked for a proofread would get one from an experienced ACC judge, despite the fact that she was a top-tier competitor who would be more than busy enough with her own matches. She proofread 17 posts for no fewer than 8 different members.

In her capacity as RM, Blade lead a project to build a new Jedi Praxeum to house our padawans in-character. The old Arca Praxeum from our New Tython days was a centerpiece of our lore that we had not replaced. On her own initiative, Blade led and effort that involved at least three meetings with her team, each spanning a few hours. She herself wrote the majority of the content, and reviewed everything rigorously before submitting it to Turel for final approval.

Consul is supposed to be a difficult job, but I think my term will be a breeze because I am immensely fortunate enough to have Blade and folks like her on my summit.

Congratulations on your first sac! I have no doubt that it will not be your last.

Alethia Archenksova
Consul, Odan-Urr

Colonel Alethia Archenksova, 2017-12-14 03:25:22 UTC
Additional reasons

My first interaction with Aurora aka Blade was a Brotherhood wide fiction competition I ran back in early 2016. We really didn't interact again until she transferred to COU to take on the role of Rollmistress and leader of the new recruits. Since then, we have partnered up in at least one team for every major event that COU has participated in. From the top Battle Plan of the Desperate Measures event, to the Silver Nova earning Battle Plan of the war, and the hilarity of the "In a World" competition of the War, I have had the pleasure of working with Blade. She also has done her best to teach me JA, but I still haven't practiced enough. Though I do know how to lay down in lava.

I truly am glad to count Blade as a good friend and partner in crime. Congratulations you have earned this Blade!

Colonel Len Iode, 2017-12-14 02:02:32 UTC

There are some who question the value-added of the Rollmaster position in the modern DB with all the database wizardry James has provided us. To those I would say look no further than Blade for an example of what a Rollmaster, or Rollmistress in this case, can do.

As Consul I had the opportunity to hire and work with Blade and let me tell you few have directly contributed to COU's success as much as she has. Blade took over the position and immediately made it her own, focusing not just on Journeymen but on member retention across the ranks. New members, transfers and those coming up on rogue timers would all received personalized emails from her full of doge gifs that made your day no matter what mood your were in. New JMs in COU go to a training battleteam known as Zireal. She managed that BTs roster and personally conducted handoffs for members when they were ready to transfer into a house. Older members who might otherwise fall through the cracks were also part of her charge. She spent untold hours engaging with members, young and old, and if she couldn't handle their concerns herself she would take them to the rest of the summit. She was more than a rollmaster in the way the DB thinks of it, she was our community manager. She made sure every member, new or old, felt welcome and a part of COU's community.

Beyond her role as RM, Blade is an exceptional leader within the ranks. The fact she won two heavily contested ladders in gaming (JA) and the ACC shows her multi-faceted skill. And she used that skill to better the unit, during the ACC prelim and the build up to the war she hosted training sessions for Jedi Academy and worked side by side with Arch and I on helping members with character sheets, proofing posts and otherwise using her ACC expertise to help members during the prelim.

Her energy, spirit and love for all members is infectious. Blade truly has the heart of a champion and we are very lucky to have her on the lightside. Thanks for everything you do! You play a big part in making COU the welcoming place it is!

Turel Sorenn
Consul Emeritus

Warden Turel Sorenn, 2017-12-12 19:18:16 UTC

During my brief time in the DJB I have seen a few Rollmasters come and go with varying styles, techniques and methods. None that i have seen have made the impact or success Aurora Ta’var (aka Blade) has brought to the position of Roll Mistress.

If a new member joins they get a welcome email, if they start getting rogue countdown email blade sends them a email, if they go rogue they get a email, when they come back they get a welcome email. Just to quantify this her emails are not short little, “He member x you please come back”, emails. These are full blown tailor made informational, inspirational and full of welcoming messages that it grabs your attention right away.

Blade and I share maybe beliefs about rewarding members and she has not only been assimilated into the Odan-Urr member first community, she has embraced it and more importantly improved it.

She is a great member, roll mistress, colleague and friend that goes out of her way to build CLan Odan-Urr from the ground up through are new members up. I am very proud of what she has accomplish and in my mind is the best Roll Mistress in the DJB ever!

So I’m honored to be able to add my recommendation and Congratulations, on your Sapphire Blade, Blade, cause you earned this!

Edgar Drachen, Quaestor of House Hoth

Augur Edgar Drachen, 2017-12-12 15:46:56 UTC

I've known of Blade (or Aura, as she is now known) for several years, but we never spoke on a personal basis before my transfer to Clan Odan-Urr. To me, she was the person that humbled her opponents on Jedi Academy and offers 'training' — the numbers alone on some of her matches make me wonder if someone has ever announced "Flawless Victory" in a deep voice. When I paid closer attention, she became the person that bombarded everyone with a combination of puppy gifs and what she calls 'Zeltron hugs'... And, being honest, I'm still unsure of how this differs from a normal hug. The Pheromones?

In the time since I stepped into my current position, I've come to know Aura Ta'var for the person behind the Zeltron, stampeding puppy gifs and random hugs. She's a leader who truly cares about everyone under her purview, messaging members via email as soon as they join Odan-Urr (She includes every Summit member in these responses), welcoming them to the Clan be they old or a Shiny... Yes, I watched that Episode of Clone Wars a few too many times... with the same glee at an almost alarming speed. Her position of Rollmistress is not just a job to Blade, it's fun; it's a pleasure to interact with members, learn all she can about them and find the best prospective mentor that would suit the needs of the individual at the time.

It's been a pleasure since the very first day working with Blade and for all of her phenomenal work (yes, it's still a service, even if you don't think so, girlie :P) and activity, I'm truly excited to recommend that Aurora "Aura" Ta'var be awarded a Sapphire Blade.

Congratulations! I hope you enjoy the shiny weapon! (You don't need a glowbat anymore!!) In the last seven months, you've gone from a relative stranger to someone I am happy to call friend. You've more than earned this for your contributions in aiding in Odan-Urr, the FIRST Light Clan in the Brotherhood become THE First Clan of the Brotherhood.

Celevon Edraven Erinos
Aedile, House Hoth of Clan Odan-Urr

Augur Samael "Celevon/Raven" Sörinje, 2017-12-12 14:21:08 UTC

I've known Blade in the DJB going on a little over 2 and half years from now. She returned from the Rogues back then returning to CSP while I was RM at the time. During her first few months there I had many conversations with her and she definitely had big aspirations for both herself and her Clan. Over time these talks became reality as she showed up and put in the work to make them happen. Her dedication and efforts were always met with great success.

Over time we would somehow both end up on the opposite side of the dark with her now my RM here in Odan-Urr. Blade since then has gone on to hold position as RM and no matter the platform she uses, she touches each member with positivity. Whether it's with the Shiba posts, or her e-mails signed in "Pheromones" to which my our own member from Greece, Zeline Nemesis loved so much since the word originated with something she related. This is just one of the many little things she does that cause such a huge impact day to day on the people throughout the Clan membership. She truly understands the “Pulse” of the membership under her.

Honestly keeping a Clan the size of COU and the amount of JMs we have engaged is no easy task. She continues day in and day out helping keep those communication lines open, recognizing the members in her reports, and generally just engaging with all members because she truly enjoys it. Members can recognize this and I truly believe her efforts are why COU not only had the biggest Clan going into the GJW, but also some of the highest participation rates we have seen.

Running a Clan this size as our RM, the voice of inspiration and encouragement as I like to think of the scale of what she does with her position is still not even close to what I write in everything else she brings to the position. With so many membership personalities and being able to keep them engaged is not her job, but somehow she does it and does it better than any I have seen. She is also always engaging the House Summits to ensure we are on track with both our JMs and helping with promotions and awards.

Lastly not stopping there Blade is always on the hunt to help with our Clan history and wiki. She personally formulated a group of members to help create the Jedi Praxeum wiki. It is essentially the school training grounds for our Clan, but the wiki does a much better job at explaining it. This project is completed with the exception of the images that I am creating to add to it. All of this was organized and implemented by Blade. She saw something that needed to be done, organized it, implemented, and executed flawlessly.

Blade I am proud to have served with you throughout the years. Everything from this last GJW, and earning titles together for our efforts. You truly are the Clan Champion in my eyes. Doing what you did with the ACC and JA was a humbling experience I believe for everyone to watch and I feel many people even outside our Clan were rooting for you. Congrats on your first SAC and I know it is one of many more that will come throughout your career. Continue to reach for the sky as the only limit is what you place on yourself. Future first female GM one day! Thank you again Blade for all that you do, drinks are on you sister!

Vanguard Maximus Alvinius, 2017-12-10 19:20:16 UTC