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Vanguard Maximus Alvinius
Sapphire Blade
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Colonel Alethia Archenksova
Primary reason

Maximus came to COU at something of a turning point. Over the preceding few years, he’d hit some rough spots in his DB career, and suffered through some extremely difficult circumstances in his offline life. Without going into details, many people would have just dropped out of the club at that point, only to emerge years later, if at all.

Instead, those of us in Odan-Urr had the honor and pleasure of seeing just what this guy is capable of. After a quiet but active period as a member, he stepped up when the call for leadership went out, serving as Aedile and then Quaestor of Satele Shan for a combined four months. During that time he’s run or co-organized 7 competitions. That said, the most outstanding aspect of his leadership is his inexhaustible well of enthusiasm, optimism, and good will for everyone in the clan. If you’re in Shan, you can trust that Maximus will push you to excel beyond what you thought you could and be your main cheerleader regardless of the outcome.

That said, the guy is a beast when it comes to activity. Since his last recognition, he’s participated in 83 competitions, won 20 crescents ranging from emerald to diamond, earned himself 4 Pendants of Blood, 751 Clusters of Fire, 17 Clusters of Ice, and 20 Clusters of Graphite. Max has also lived up to his reputation as a leading recruiter for the DB, earning a Scroll of Indoctrination for recruiting Zeline Nemesis and a Scroll of the Master for mentoring Sia Thiano (formerly Ashlynn Cruise) to the rank of Knight. His exceptional performance in the Great Jedi War is well known, but for the sake of completeness: Maximus earned the title of Second Hero by winning 3 gold novae, as well as a silver and a bronze.

He is a model member and leader and I am delighted to recommend him for his first sacramental award.

Alethia Archenksova
Consul of Odan-Urr

Colonel Alethia Archenksova, 2017-12-14 03:25:33 UTC
Additional reasons

Maximus, aka Landon, has been an absolute pleasure to work with. He came to House Shan with unbound enthusiasm and fresh ideas, both as AED and QUA. During the war he was an absolute beast, as others have detailed. I can't wait to see what the future holds for Shan and COU with Maximus on the summit.

On a more personal level, I dare say one could not ask for a better or more loyal friend. I've watched him embrace not just our members in COU but all members, regardless of clan. If you want someone to game with, Maximus is there, if you just want to hang out and shoot the breeze on Discord or googlehangouts, he's there, if you have ideas to share he's your biggest cheerleader. I personally feel lucky to count him as my friend and on behalf of all the members of COU and House Shan, thank you for all that you do!

Turel Sorenn
Consul Emeritus, Clan Odan-Urr

Warden Turel Sorenn, 2017-12-13 00:54:01 UTC

I have known Maximus for a while, but only recently really gotten to know him. Working with him as Aedile has been an awesome experience. We work well together and bounce ideas off of each other regularly for what we should do as a House, fiction and competitions both. I am very hopeful for the future of House Satele Shan and Tython Squadron Battle Team,

Maximus my friend, congratulations! I look forward to continue working with you!

Colonel Len Iode, 2017-12-12 16:59:07 UTC

Maximus Alvinius has been a key part of Satele Shan's recent successes. It is because of this that I believe he is deserving of a Sapphire Blade.

First and foremost, he took a House in dire need of energy and injected some of his seemingly unlimited supply. Whether it was the youngest journeyman or the oldest member, I've seen him time and again pump them up to the point they outdo themselves, astonishingly pleased with themselves at the very end. Once you add his recruiting efforts, you have a very different House than when he arrived. Simply put, he takes the time and effort to get to know his members and be their friend, not just someone who will ask them to do competitions.

Second, he has been an attentive Master to two Journeymen, one of which has already reached Knight. He has really shined in the GJW in his help for his newest student, successfully working with her to ensure she had what she needed to feel confident enough to submit to all but 2 competitions in the GJW. He didn't wait for her to "sink or swim". He was there for her as a true mentor should be in the DJB. As the Master of a journeyman who participated in the most competitions, I am extremely proud of his performance in the Master-Student program.

The above, combined with his open-door policy makes it so that everyone in Satele Shan feels welcomed. As Rollmistress, I can't ask for anything better. You've nailed it, Maximus! As such, I wholeheartedly recommend that Maximus Alvinius be awarded a Sapphire Blade. Thanks for being a good teammate and congratz to a job well done!!!

Aura Ta'var
Rollmistress, Odan-Urr

Warden Aurora "Aura" Ta'var, 2017-12-11 05:28:49 UTC

While only working with Maximus Alvinius briefly in a leadership capacity within Satele Shan, I can say his impact is truly prolific. He is an endless resource of energy, dedication, and commitment to the House and truly leads by example. Whether it be constant communication, personal attention to his people, or fostering the best in others.

Recently, I came back to a more active role due to the support of Maximus Alvinius. He personally inspired me to take the helm of a Battleteam, which now is a fully formed and thriving part of Satele Shan. His ability to inspire, lead, and create is unmatched. I can only say that without Maximus Alvinius the House, Clan, and DJB as a whole would be less vibrant and less sustainable. His impact touches far and wide. In closing, Alvinius you bring out the best in all of us and are truly deserving of this award.

Warlord Mauro Wynter, 2017-12-10 20:09:25 UTC