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Adept Timeros Caesus Entar Arconae
Anteian Cross
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General Stres'tron'garmis
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Since his last recognition, the amazing Timeros has racked up 19 competition participation, 7 of which were War related. For those competitions, he picked up a Gold Nova and number of Crescents, 1 Ruby, 2 Amethyst and 3 Sapphire. His activities also garnered him 5 Clusters of Ice and 8 Clusters of Graphite. He also passed an Academy course and completed an ACC battle during the War preliminaries.

For the past 11 months, Timeros has served as the Rollmaster of Arcona, welcoming and guiding new members. In that time, he devised a semi-automated mailer that updated members on competitions, which mailed out weekly. This was impressive due to it not being a blanket email, but one based off individual member's desired competitions (Fiction, Gaming, etc). This mailer includes summaries of these competitions and is very easy to navigate, a very useful tool.

During the Winds of Change event, he also built a real-time tracker for the scoring. This kept a record of every match and helped motivate the membership, as well as helped with the focus on proofing duties. He was a ready resource during the preliminary event as both a proofer and a voice of experience, and I for one know I'd have placed further down the rankings without his aid.

For his service, we're pleased to present him with an Anteian Cross. Congratulations, Tim.

Kordath Bleu
Proconsul, Arcona

General Stres'tron'garmis, 2017-12-10 23:23:00 UTC