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Savant Morfra Gul
Steel Cross
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Master Zsarion Bloodfyre
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Thanadd’s last elevation was eight months ago. In that time, he has been moved around into various leadership positions, mostly at my request, and he has moved about to fill positions in Tarentum’s hierarchy as I have needed. He was previously a member of Tarentum under other names, and has been no stranger to the Brotherhood, or Tarentum. And, having an adaptable veteran to use as I needed in various positions has helped me tremendously.

In the last eight months, Thanadd has served as Team Lead for two months, directly into Aedile of Mortis for three months, right into Quaestor for four months so far, as well as volunteering to be an ACC Judge for about five months, which has directly resulted in him being an effective mentor for our upcoming members who want to join the ACC. It has allowed him to provide insight and training at every step of his leadership, and will continue to further Tarentum’s interest as we seek to build an ongoing, dedicated ACC Team in the Clan (which we so desperately need).

Beyond that, I’d also like to point out that he has been involved in every Sunday leadership training meeting that we hold on Telegram, he participated recently in six events for GJW XII, has organized five events, participated in 41 events total, earned 29 total medals (including nine Clusters of Ice, which means a dedication to writing), and multiple Crescents. Thanadd has taken it upon himself to help train and mentor his Aedile, Tahiri, as well as to try and push the evolution of Mortis as it becomes the central darkness that Tarentum continues to develop.

Thanadd is not a timid member of Tarentum’s Summits. He is bold, and speaks his mind freely. I can tell you that this often means that he and I have private discussions about the future of Tarentum in addition to public forums, but Thanadd has, and always will be, one who wants to see forward progress being made. He is dedicated to ensuring the prosperity and longevity of the Clan, which makes him sincerely one of those leaders in my team that I cannot do without.

Congratulations, my friend.

Master Zsarion Bloodfyre, 2017-12-11 17:41:35 UTC