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Warlord Teylas Ramar
Ruby Scepter
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Prophet Howlader Taldrya
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Teylas has been my Praetor for almost a year now, and in that time he’s done everything he’s been asked to do, and more importantly? A lot more that I have not needed to ask him for. One of things that people tend to struggle with club wide when writing medal and promotion recommendations is describing what people have actually done – they say that a member has excelled as a Battleteam Leader – but give us on the MAA staff no indication of what that actually means – and more importantly, what actual things have done. One of the things I’ve tried to do is ask people: “You have a thought process as to why you think your member has earned something, tell us” – so to that end, I have a thought process as to why Teylas has been a great Praetor over the past almost year.

Since becoming Praetor, Teylas has helped re-write the following policy documents: Promotion Guidelines, and the MAA Policies document. The latter is what I will focus on, when I came into the chair, there were a number of disparate (and somewhat neglected) policy documents floating on the Brotherhood Wiki. The information about titles (clan, war, other) for example, was spread across multiple documents, with duplication in some cases – and inconsistent information in others. With Teylas’ invaluable assistance, we were able to consolidate all the existing Master at Arms policy documents into one all-encompassing wiki page. He has also helped me write all of my publically posted Master at Arms reports, devoting sections or helping me construct rants.

Teylas has also been invaluable in keeping the Master at Arms Office with its impressively short turn-around time for requests that come into the database, or that come in as emailed requests (when people remember to email him!). Since becoming Praetor, he has processed over 400 requests into our database, approximately 50 manual updates to competitions, and processed about 300 competitions.

Teylas has done well for the Master at Arms Office over the past almost year, and I have full confidence that when I go on vacation (or I live at work for weeks at a time) – he will be able to handle it and nobody will notice …because he already does handle it. I’m more than happy to award him a Red Club for his work! Thank you, and congratulations!

Prophet Howlader Taldrya, 2017-12-11 18:24:54 UTC
Additional reasons

Ever since I took over as Consul earlier this year after he stepped down, Teylas has continued to be a strong and consistent presence in Clan Plagueis. Both as a leader and an active member, he's shined while doing things that those other members without a full time Praetor gig for the hardest office in the Brotherhood could not. He's also been a solid and irreplaceable leader from his place in the trenches, always there to offer advice to both me and his fellow Clan members.

In the realm of general activity, Teylas has, to use the vernacular, wrecked face. Since his last recognition in January, he has participated in 52 competitions and placed in ten of them. Those placements netted him 1 Gold Nova, 1 Ruby Crescent, 2 Amethyst Crescents, and 3 Crescents each of Sapphire and Topaz. Stepping up during major competitions has also been his forte. Teylas entered 22 competitions during our Enemy Below event, placing in three while taking 11th place overall. During the recently completed Twelfth Great Jedi War, Teylas entered 12 events (earning 12 Seals of Wrath), helped our RO team take first place for the second GJW in a row, and earned the 4th most points of any Plagueian. He has also earned 7 Clusters of Ice, 110 Clusters of Earth, and 22 Clusters of Graphite. Not bad for a guy who spends most of his time remanding recommendations!

It is as a peer leader, however, that Teylas has really made his mark on Plagueis. He has been an active part of most summit discussions, bringing his perspective and advice to the table. Even more importantly than this, however, was his help during our pre-GJW Plagueis Pro Bowl, this time featuring Taldryan. With the Great Jedi War delayed, Plagueis was looking for an event to maintain interest and capitalize on the drive for activity our members were feeling. Knowing that we were searching for something to make sure our members didn't feel like they'd been promised a Vendetta and left with nothing, Teylas volunteered to run our second annual Pro Bowl event in the interim along with Dracaryis. He didn't even flinch when we added Clan Taldryan to the mix, massively increasing his workload overnight. Teylas organized 16 competitions and co-organized 4 more, grading or entering scores for the lion's share of 473 total entries. This event was a much needed activity for both Plagueis and Taldryan, and helped begin to forge a relationship between the two units. Without Teylas's tireless efforts, it is unlikely that the event would have taken place as it did.

His work as both member and mentor have been without peer over the course of 2017, and Plagueis would not be the place that it is without his efforts. Congratulations!

Master Selika Roh di Plagia, 2017-12-11 18:24:46 UTC