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Hunter Oric Ral
Anteian Cross
Requested by
Colonel Liandry Lhucci Cataa
Primary reason

Oric Ral may not be the loudest voice in Plagueis’ Clan chat, but that’s ok because he prefers to let his actions do the talking. What stands out about Oric Ral is the diversity of content he consumes.In competitions, he has entered graphics, gaming, timed, container and regular varieties. From the Shadow Academy he has passed courses from 5 different departments; Dark Brotherhood Fundamentals, the Department of Lore, Department of Writing, Department of Gaming & Combat and the Department of Legends. From these departments he has passed 17 courses, picking up Dark Mavens in Flight and Combat along the way. All in all since his last recognition, Oric has earned 9 Clusters of fire from 2 PvE activities, entered 23 competitions of which 3 came during the Plagueis War Games event, taking away 1 Crescent with Amethyst Star, 2 Crescents with Sapphire Star, 1 Crescent with Topaz Star and 2 Clusters of Graphite from a graphics competition It is for these efforts I would like to recommend Oric Ral for this award. Congratulations!

Colonel Liandry Lhucci Cataa, 2017-12-12 03:09:50 UTC