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Battlelord Tasha'Vel Versea
Steel Cross
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Battlemaster Armad
Primary reason

I would like to recommend the Steel Cross of the Dark Side to Tasha’Vel for her accomplishments during the past 6 months. Starting off with the Great Jedi War XII, she participated in 20 of the 27 competitions, placing in 3 of the gaming competitions, and during those she took part in 73 PvP and 5 PvE matches. She participated in 3 fictions competitions with a total of 1338 words written, as well as managing to get 3 posts written for the RO competition for 1005 words. After the war ended, Tasha’Vel came away with 1 Pendant of Blood, 246 Clusters of Fire, 5 Clusters of Ice, 44 Clusters of Earth, 16 Clusters of Graphite and 20 Seals of Wrath. Before that, she participated in 15 competitions, of which she took part in 20 PvP and 13 PvE matches. She participated in a Poetry competition over the summer that she placed 4th in. Before the War, Tasha’Vel was able to garner 4 Crescents, 2 Amethyst Stars, 1 Sapphire Star, and 1 Emerald Star. 114 Clusters of Fire, 91 Clusters of Earth, and 5 Clusters of Graphite were also obtained. She had been a Wiki Staff Member for the past 6 months and a Battleteam Leader for the past 3 months. To top it all off, she wrote 3 Battleteam reports, as well as chatting with members of the Clan encouraging them to participate in as many competitions that they could, and being a frequent commentator on news posts.

Battlemaster Armad, 2017-12-14 20:52:11 UTC
Additional reasons

Tasha is one of the cornerstones of Marka Ragnos. When I joined she was Aedile, then Quaestor and even though life took over she was never far away. She helped shape who I am today as a Quaestor in learning to deal with people and discuss whats best for HMR and it's people and for this I am grateful.

Armad has written an excellent Rec above in why Tasha deserves this Steel Cross, about what she's done and partook in and I really can't say anything more except I know I chose right in letting her have a second chance at leadership. She makes an excellent BTL and I am looking forward to seeing how she steers the battle team in the coming months with the upcoming release of the end of War fictions and HMR's decision to go against its Consul!

Keep up the good work Tasha.

Warlord Kojiro Keibatsu Sadow, 2017-12-14 20:50:55 UTC