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Adept Kell Palpatine Dante
Anteian Cross
Requested by
Warlord Rhys Pwyll
Primary reason

It is an honor and pleasure to be able to recognize Kell Paplatine Dante with an Antiean Cross for the considerable efforts he has made on behalf of Scholae Palatinae & Imperium for the Great Jedi War. Dante has always been a leader of Imperium, not just as a former Quaestor and founder, but more importantly through his activity which has had a direct impact on Scholae Palatinae’s third place finish.

During the course of the war, Dante contributed to 17 different events (including the ACC Ladder beforehand), and received 33.63 placement points for Scholae Palatinae while snatching a 6th place finish in the Battle Plan event. In addition, since his last recognition, Dante has completed 1 PVP match, 1175 words of fiction, gained 2 Shadow Academy Degrees, and has earned three scrolls of foundation. In addition to this; Dante has been a contributing voice to our clan’s GJW telegram channel, and been an encouraging voice providing what support he can to our newer members and their entries. Most importantly, Dante continues to serve as my favourite example of a role model for this club, Scholae Palatinae, and the Imperium community.

Thank you so much for your continued leadership and participation, Dante. We could not do it without your strong guidance and vision. Keep up great effort, and know that you are a pillar of the Imperium community and for that we are all grateful. I cannot wait to see where and what we shape Imperium into, together.

Raiju Kang

Quaestor of House Imperium

Warlord Rhys Pwyll, 2017-12-13 03:40:54 UTC
Additional reasons

Dante needs no introduction. And although I would congratulate him, I feel like that wouldn’t be enough. I’d rather like to say “thank you”. Dante’s active and participates in all aspects of the club still. He helps leaders when they need it, he gives advice when he can, and he participates in any competitions he can spare (as evidenced from the other recs above). He’s not just a veteran; he’s a veteran to veterans. Some of our current members weren’t even born yet when he joined the club. And many times, as evidence by the majority of other “Palpatine” title holders, veterans simply choose to leave and never come back (RL before DJB, of course).

Dante is different. I’m sure at times the urge to leave has been strong, but I hope that this award helps to show and build that we love having you here, whatever you can spare. You, in your infinite spirit, helped us during the GJW. You’ve stuck with us and given new leaders new life and hope. Congrats in the Anteian Cross!

Dek Ironius II

Aedile of House Imperium

Battlelord Dek Iron'yikut, 2017-12-13 03:40:38 UTC

Kell is a reliable source of activity for CSP and as one of our most experienced members, a valuable source of advice for both new and old members alike. We really could not do it without him. Dante earned 17 seals of wrath from the GJW, and led a battleplan team to a 6th place finish. He’s been active across fiction, gaming, and writing, evidenced by his collection of clusters of fire, ice and graphite. We’re very happy that Kell continues to contribute to the clan, and to be able to reward this contribution with an Anteian Cross.


Elincia Rei

Consul of Scholae Palatinae

General Zentru'la, 2017-12-13 03:40:02 UTC