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Raider Ala'ar Rinn
Steel Cross
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Warlord Rhys Pwyll
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It is an honor and pleasure to be able to recognize Calindra Hejaran with a Steel Cross for the considerable efforts she has made on behalf of Scholae Palatinae & Imperium for the Great Jedi War and these past few months. Calindra has brought a unique charm to our Imperium community and we treasure her for the continued contributions she is making and the steps out of her comfort zone.

Completing a total of 25 competition activities (including 5 GJW entries) since her last recognition, Calindra has also completed 9 PVP matches, 2 ACC matches, and earned 8 Crescents, 21 Clusters of Fire, and 9 Clusters of 9. Yet, the main meat of this recommendation comes from her service as Battleteam Leader.

Just before the war, Imperium was extremely unstable. Every position in the house saw change, and this included myself rising quickly from BTL through Aedile to Quaestor. This would normally have create a great deal of turmoil for a unit, however I was fortunate enough to have Calindra as a willing individual that stepped up to help in my plans for change to build stability to the house. And from this willingness, i knew she would make a great Battleteam Leader.

For most new BTLs, they come into an already established unit and just take over the maintenance. Instead, for Calindra, from Day One she was forced to deal with creating a new team out of nothing but the above-mentioned turmoil. Given a position, and an outline of what my plan had been before becoming Quaestor, Calindra dove in to creating a new team as the new project leader. No members, no lore, no identity, no unifying factors at all. In fact, she had the competing activities of Wagglehorn to contend with as well - but they ended up working together rather than separate.

Given a position and told to make a team to surround it. Build a community to be worthy of this post. This was done through stages, first building relationships with members free floating in Imperium and Scholae Palatinae. Her focus was first just on building friendships with others and familiarizing herself with them. Calindra did this through a combination of individual email, Telegram private messaging, and engagement with our members in the clan channel. And from here, was the second stage; Building Relationships between members - where - after she had contacted everyone mentioned above, she started using the information she had to try to forge connections with people in the house. Make soft introductions, share others interests with someone who would benefit so they can connect. Basically, we asked her to be a matchmaker and this evolved (in coordination with Wagglehorn) into a discussion channel on Telegram that both Calindra and Waggle facilitated. Something that would become the Battleteam Discussion channel, and later turned into the current House Imperium channel. This was push through daily discussion topics on what people like about star wars, what their characters are like, etc. Through the combined efforts of Calindra and Wagglehorn we were getting hour-long public discussions almost every other day on these channels and that lead to finding out what roles people like to playand guiding the discussion from just want people liked about star wars - to what they wanted to play here in the club. They facilitated conversations about what eventually 2 new Battleteams would become and create unique identities for these teams. One stealth orientated and one militarily orientated. From here, we asked them to fill out these teams with the following: Battleteam Name, Motto, Theme, Patron/Canon Example, How do the teams fit into Imperium, What role do members have, and any other descriptive information. And finally, once Wagglehorn & Calindra had the pieces. They put it together into a competition event to test out what they had developed. This was a House Level event that was created through their research, ideas, and promoting that we used to carve out the formation of these teams.

To clarify, in the past 3 months we have had Calindra be an active contributor to both Imperium’s and its Battleteam’s community development. In that time, she has been helpful in strategizing our initial focus on the Battleteam Creation Project and turning these two units into member-driven communities. This has been done in part from reaching out to other members in our clan, house, and BT development chats on telegram, surveying them, and participating in the lengthy hour long conversations on the initial planning of these units to figure out what kind of interests and concepts the members wanted to see in the Battleteams. Addiitionally, she has promoted these BT concepts and plans with other active CSP and rogued Palpatines in an effort to recruit them. Finally, she has also served as the voice on the summit for Pellaeon’s members and ensuring that we continue to serve the desires of this community along with the other communities under the Scholae Palatinae umbrella.

So thank you, Calindra. We could not manage without your continued contributions, dedication, and overall presence. Keep up great effort, and know that daily I am thankful for your assistance and leadership. I cannot wait to see where and what we shape Imperium into, together.

Raiju Kang

Quaestor of House Imperium

Warlord Rhys Pwyll, 2017-12-13 20:43:28 UTC
Additional reasons

It is my pleasure to contribute to the rewarding of Calindra’s first Steel Cross. Calindra has had a tough job as a leader of a new battleteam. She’s had to keep members active and remaining in the BT, make competitions for them, and create a whole new identity. Through all the struggles, she succeeded. She gained members for the BT and is heavily involved in the planning work of proposals and recruitment projects. She recruited a member on her own to her BT and has shown the work that could be put into bringing people into the fold of the House and Clan. Her experience in life directly reflects how she works within her BT, having to manage people and giving them a space to explore.

Cali’s always trying to push the boundaries as well. She’s always trying to find new ways of doing things and attempting to use new methods of utilizing active members and making activities for them. Whether it’s in her dedication to her members or to her Clan, Cali’s here for the long haul and if one knew her, they could see it. Therefore, I would be proud to reward Cali the hopefully first of many Steel Crosses! Congrats, Cali!

Dek Ironius II

Aedile of House Imperium

Battlelord Dek Iron'yikut, 2017-12-13 20:41:09 UTC

Calindra is the kind of leader that can keep her own personal activity levels high while also providing opportunities for others. Since her last recognition, she has entered numerous competitions, earning a diamond crescent in the process while also hosting 5 competitions for her team. Combined with her activity in the leadership chat and focus on representing the Imperium membership, fostering a thriving community in Paelleon I’ve been delighted with Calindra’s performance as a battleteam leader over the past 3 months and happy to reward that work with a steel cross. Congratulations!

Elincia Rei

Consul of Scholae Palatinae

General Zentru'la, 2017-12-13 03:46:06 UTC