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Reaver Frosty Romanae Tarentae
Sapphire Blade
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Master Zsarion Bloodfyre
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Frosty’s last promotions was nearly two years ago. His last Merit award was just over two years ago. He has yet to receive a Sacramental award. I would like to resolve that today.

Frosty Romanae has been an active member throughout his entire career in the Brotherhood. Like many of us, he has gone through periods of being in the Rogues, when life has demanded too much of our time. However, Frosty always returns, and he shows us exactly how we can balance the mix of participating in the Club, and being a busy man, new husband, and father-to-be.

Since his last promotion, he was organized or co-organized 122 events. He has participated in 83 total events, including five events for the recent GJW. He’s earned 1,875 medals, including a Silver Nova and three Diamond Crescents among the rest. He also served as Rollmaster for three months that went directly into a term as Consul for 11 months, that included a generally well-received inter-Clan event with Naga Sadow. Frosty was dedicated to ensuring every member was awarded appropriately and in a timely fashion, and making sure that noteworthy things were highlighted and very visible to the poor eyesight of the MAA Staff. :) He has played in 150 or more PvE and PvP activities, passed one shadow Academy course, and posted 10 reports throughout the entirety of both positions.

In addition, beyond the contacts that Frosty made as Rollmaster, he also served as the mentor and helped guide two members, Geosh Romanae and Tebbo Jensen, to their Knighthood. He has been committed to the success of Tarentum and her members, and ensuring we are doing our best to both retain members, and show them the enjoyment of this Club beyond the initial first several months.

Frosty, your commitment to Tarentum, your activity in the Great Jedi War (12) and your role as a mentor and leader have not gone unnoticed. We love and appreciate you for all that you do, and have done. Congratulations, my friend.

Master Zsarion Bloodfyre, 2017-12-14 00:07:58 UTC