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Mystic Kodais Solatus
Dark Cross
Requested by
Corsair TuQ’uan Varick di Plagia
Primary reason

Since his return, Kodais has been a steady presence in both Plagueis and the Brotherhood, putting effort in where he is able. Since his effort was last recognized, Kodais has also shown his passion for learning by passing a total of 15 courses in the Shadow Academy and earning himself 6 Degrees. We have also seen Kodias’ dedication to making the entire club a better place to be through his term on the CoJ Appeals Panel ending earlier this year.

Kodias has participated in 7 different competitions even earning himself a Crescent with Emerald Star for placing second in the competition Florrum: A Line Poem. Kodias also earned 6 Clusters of Fire participating in the 2017 Plagueis/Taldryan Pro Bowl representing Team Selaris and helping them earn their victory.

For Kodais’ continued efforts to participate in and improve the clan I recommend that he receive a Dark Cross. It is well deserved and I look forward to seeing more from you in the future!

Corsair TuQ’uan Varick di Plagia, 2017-12-15 18:47:17 UTC