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Event ID
Battlemaster Kul'tak Drol
Old Rank
Warrior (Equite 1)
New Rank
Battlemaster (Equite 2)
Requested by
Warlord Furios Morega di Plagia
Primary reason

When I think on who my active members are, Kul’tak Drol is always one of the first members who come to mind. Since his promotion to Warrior at the beginning of the year, Kul has maintained himself as a steadily present member of Clan Plagueis, participating regularly in our clan and club-wide events. In last March’s The Enemy Below event, his consistent action as a competitor and regular support in driving activity during the event was invaluable. Drol provided entries to all 24 of the competitions in TEB, earning himself a 2nd and 3rd placement in individual competitions and an overall 10th place finish. He also participated in this year’s multi-clan event, the 2017 Plagueis/Taldryan Pro Bowl, representing his clan and house with 9 total entries. Lastly in the way of unit activity, Kul waved the clan colors in the largest event of the year, Great Jedi War XII, and participated in 6 competitions, earning 6 Seals of Wrath. Combined with the many stand alone competitions that he regularly entered this year, Kul’tak has participated in a total of 59, earning 2 Crescents with Amethyst Star, 4 Crescents with Sapphire Star, and a Crescent with Emerald Star.

Aside from his dedication to compete for Clan Plagueis, Kul’tak has shown himself to be a capable writer, finishing 3 separate battles in the Antei Combat Center, adding 3 well-written posts to the clan’s Manifest Destiny Run-On, and writing a total of 10,975 words, earning 36 Clusters of Ice for his efforts. His gaming has resulted in 4 PVP matches and 3 PVE submissions, netting 19 Clusters of Fire. His entries in graphic competitions this year have netted Kul 14 Clusters of Graphite. Additionally, his presence in Telegram makes the clan channel an enjoyable place and his efforts to provide his clanmates with guidance and advice. Drol has changed the clan chat for the better since joining and helped maintain a friendly and interactive social environment for his fellow Plagueians in this past year as well.

As a member of Clan Plagueis, Kul’tak Drol has been a wonderful asset. In past recognition of his value to his clan and the Brotherhood, he has earned two Anteian Crosses for his consistency and dedication as well as a Dark Cross for his project work on the Voice Staff. His desire to work for the betterment of his clan and the club as a whole is the kind of marker that really shows when a member is ready to continue advancing. On their own, each of Kul’s accomplishments this year mark his as a valued member and a hard worker. Together they equate a level of activity that I would only expect of someone of a higher rank. As such I can no longer watch him remain at the rank of Warrior and would be glad to recommend he be promoted to Battlemaster for his efforts. You deserve it, Kul. Congratulations!

Warlord Furios Morega di Plagia, 2017-12-15 20:32:38 UTC