Event Details

Event ID
Corsair TuQ’uan Varick di Plagia
Old Rank
Professional (Journeyman 4)
New Rank
Privateer (Equite 1)
Requested by
Warlord Arden Karn di Plagia
Primary reason

TuQ’uan has been invaluable member of Plagueis of late as both a beacon of activity as well as a good example for our younger members. In the past 5 months, TuQ has participated in an extraordinary 51 competitions. Seventeen of these were in the recent Great Jedi War, and he was one of only three members of Plagueis to enter at least one in each “bin” of the event to achieve 100% participation for his unit. Another 25 of these were in the recent Plagueis Pro Bowl event. Out of these events he’s earned a grand total of 7 crescents, representing both quality of work and quantity. Beyond his event activity, TuQ has earned 137 Clusters of Fire, 25 Clusters of Ice, 1 Cluster of Earth and 8 Clusters of Graphite. He’s also been hard at work in the Shadow Academy in this period earning a grand total of 5 degrees, including a Dark Sage in History and Lore.

Just as important as TuQ’uan’s activity level has been his contributions to the Clan as a leader. For the past 5 months and until very recently, TuQ’uan served as the Battleteam Leader of the Circle. In truth though, TuQ was my right hand during this period. He took point on contacting our newest members and keeping them on track as they rose through the ranks. Beyond this, he frequently made insightful contributions to reports to help keep folks up to date on goings on in the Circle. He’s recently made the transition to Aedile and I wish him all the well in that position. Equally as impressive has been his work as a Magistrate to the Voice for the past 3 months, a position I personally know the rigors of.

For all the reasons above, I’d like to welcome TuQ’uan to the ranks of the Equites!

Warlord Arden Karn di Plagia, 2017-12-16 02:15:31 UTC