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Event ID
Warlord Rasilvenaira StormRaven
Old Rank
Battlelord (Equite 3)
New Rank
Warlord (Equite 4)
Requested by
General Zentru'la
Primary reason

Since her last elevation, Rasilvenaira has participated in 68 competitions, (co)Organized 22 competitions, finished 2nd Overall in a GMRG Quarter Leaderboard, submitted 36 PvP Matches, logged 39 PvE Activities, Finished 6 ACC Battles, penned 6 Fiction Activities (10,126 words!), passed 41 Shadow Academy courses, and earned 6 Dark Side Degrees. She has collected numerous awards during this span, as well: a Grand Cross, a Steel Cross, an Anteian Cross, 2 Dark Crosses, 26 Crescents (1 Cr-D, 2 Cr-R, 3 Cr-A, 8 Cr-S, 8 Cr-E, 3 Cr-T, 1 Cr-Q), 419 Clusters of Fire, 99 Clusters of Earth, 65 Clusters of Ice, 2 Clusters of Graphite, a Seal of Loyalty, a Seal of the Crusader, 5 Seals of Bone, 9 Seals of Destruction, 5 Seals of Wrath, 1 Pendant of Blood, 1 Legion of the Scholar, 3 Scrolls of the Master, 1 Silver Nova, 1 Bronze Nova, and 1 Dark Side Scroll. In that same time, she has served two tenures as an Aedile in Scholae Palatinae; most notably, her current role as Aedile of House Excidium the past 4 months.

Ras has long been a contributor to the fictional background of the clan, both in the old system and the new. She was largely responsible for implementation of the Caliburnus menagerie back in 2008, which can be found here: https://wiki.darkjedibrotherhood.com/view/Caliburnus_Menagerie_Complex. Ras still puts her excellent world development skills to good use and has been a primary author on developing the background for House Excidium’s place in the Caperion System. In addition to her strong contributions to the clan fiction, Ras is a fierce gaming competitor, and always lends her time to help those less experienced, whether by many hours spent in direct training sessions or compiling training manuals. Whenever anyone needs a proof reader, Ras is always at hand, especially during the GJW.

Rasilvenaira’s contributions to Scholae Palatinae have been outstanding for a very long time, and I’m delighted to be able to recommend this promotion to equite 4.

Elincia Rei

Consul of Scholae Palatinae

General Zentru'la, 2017-12-19 21:29:44 UTC
Additional reasons

Rasilvenaira has aided our clan tremendously in her efforts via gaming, writing, leading, mentoring, and even trying her hand in art. She has aided many a member in acc writing, fiction developing, wiki editing, and character developing. In gaming, she has spent hours in training several members, including myself, and has made the top ten gamers list two months in a row. She has been developing training manuals for gamers in the Jedi Academy, and always does her best to provide advice for new gamers in joining the community.

Rasilvenaira, your tenacity and dedication to the clan and it's members is absolutely astounding. Thank you for your continuous efforts for the clan, And more importantly thank you for the friendship you provide us. Congratulations on this momentous occasion.

Alara Deathbane

Quaestor of Excidium

Augur Alara Deathbane, 2017-12-19 21:29:32 UTC

Rasilvenaira is a name long recognized and cherished within Scholae Palatinae. With years of ferocious dedication and effort, it is now time to properly award her high quality work. From a continued presence in the field, to a carefully watchful eye there can be no doubt about Ras’s brilliant efforts and deep passions for this club and her home clan.

Ras’s impact on the clan has had an absolute and resounding impact. From the early days of growing House Caliburnus, to her triumphant return Ras has continued to hit hard where it counts. She is never one to shy away from voicing her opinions or defend those whom she cares about. She tackles every day head on. Her exceptionally analytic thought processes have led to years worth of the clan pushing itself to better every decision made, every passing choice perfected. Since her returned I’ve seen her offer to help our members, young and old, face their own insecurities and grow. Ras is one who wears her leadership shoes with pride, even when it doesn’t show it on her dossier. She is a pillar of caring, development, and passion for this clan.

That isn’t to say she is a slouch as a regular member either. Her participation record is strong, both in quantity and quality. She has been a long standing champion of CSP, one I know we can rely on time and time again to push herself to the front of the pack.

I couldn’t be more thrilled to recognize Rasilvenaira’s great drive and efforts with an advancement on to the finale of the Equite ranks. Many congratulations Ras, drinks are on you!

Xen’Mordin Palpatine

Consul Emeritus of Scholae Palatinae

Eminent Idris Adenn, 2017-12-19 21:28:51 UTC

I am pleased to present Rasilvenaira Isatri’Zara StormRaven before the Master At Arms for elevation to the rank of Equite IV. She has been a hallmark member of the Clan for nearly a decade, serving in a multitude of capacities with and without a leadership title. I am humbled to be included in the chorus of voices adding to her recommendation.

Since her last elevation, and before, I have seen the grace and effort she puts forth with new & old members. As her Consul, then working alongside her as a Clan Envoy, I witnessed the care she put into her welcome emails, promotion emails, and regular weekly follow-up emails to keep members on the path from Apprentice to Dark Jedi Knight. In addition to these duties, she was responsible for helping implement a vast bestiary of Star Wars creatures together for members to adopt, or include, into their personal fictions - well before the era of Possessions in 2008-09. This work coincided with her project work on the Cocytus Dominion planet of Ptolomea where she lead a small group in expanding out landmarks, cities, cultural references, geography, and key installations and facilities for House Caliburnus. This resulted in nearly ten pages of detailed information that she then created numerous graphics for that are now archived on the Ptolomea and Caliburnus pages. Fast forward nearly ten years and she has assimilated into a new House, new leadership position, and continues to advance the cause of her House and Clan. She has begun working on the Caperion System domain and works closely with the Battle Team Leader of Tacitus Athanasius to create their facilities documents (just like she did for Caliburnus).

Thank you for picking up where you left off, Ras. You’ve already done us a great service in creating content like Prophecies of the Force and Sithmas 2017. You were stellar throughout the Great Jedi War proofreading material that would place in the Top Ten. Congratulations!

Braecen Kaeth

Proconsul of Scholae Palatinae

Adept Braecen Kaeth, 2017-12-19 21:28:06 UTC