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Battlemaster Abadeer Taasii
Steel Cross
Requested by
Master Selika Roh di Plagia
Primary reason

Over the last six months since his last recognition, Abadeer has made solid contributions to Plagueis as both an active member and leader. Since his last award in June he has participated in 21 total competitions and earned 2 Seals of Wrath for his entries in the Twelfth Great Jedi War. As a gamer he has reported 15 gaming activities, earned 68 Clusters of Fire, and 2 Pendants of Blood. In fiction, he has completed 3 fiction activities, 2 ACC matches, and earned 7 Clusters of Ice. More important than his individual activity accomplishments has been his work as a leader. In the lead up to the original date of the Great Jedi War, I tasked my Clan summit to run the Plagueis War Game event as a tune up for the impending Vendetta. Abadeer took the basic direction of "Hey, run an event with Arden to give something to the members" and ran with it. He hosted 11 competitions during the event and worked with Arden, our Rollmaster, to administer the event from front to back. In addition, he has also helped run three competitions DJB wide as part of the Herald staff. He also was a major leadership contributor during our Pro Bowl event with Clan Taldryan, working with his co-team lead in the form of Rhylance to coordinate activity as part of a mixed clan team. Sending messages to team members, keeping them energized throughout the event, and in general acquitted himself well were a great sign of his work as well as being a help in solidifying inter-clan relations that make the Brotherhood as a whole a more closely knit family. For all these efforts, I put forward Abadeer for this award.

Master Selika Roh di Plagia, 2017-12-20 05:16:27 UTC