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Warlord Ronovi Tavisaen
Anteian Cross
Requested by
Battlelord Azmodius Equesinfernum
Primary reason

Ronovi has always been one of Plagueis’ heavy hitters. This being said, we can always count on her during an event, but during the downtime post GJW she chose to give her clan more. With our Consul’s approval, Ronovi and a few other members started a podcast that has been running ever since a couple of weeks prior to the release of The Last Jedi and has grown to have its first guest member. In its third episode, Ronovi even took the reigns in leading the others and moved past talks of the latest star wars movies and into character development. Since her last recognition, she has participated in a total of 23 competitions, 18 of which were during the last clan event. Not only did she participate in every competition offered, she placed in 5, and came in second for the event. Ronovi’s efforts have earned her 8 Clusters of Ice, a Crescent with Sapphire Star, 2 Crescents with Amethyst Stars, and 3 Crescents with Ruby Stars in addition to her Seal of Wrath and Gold Nova from the GJW. For her effort and drive to go above and beyond, it is a great honor to recommend Ronovi Tavisaen for an Anteian Cross.

Battlelord Azmodius Equesinfernum, 2018-02-08 15:00:05 UTC